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Post DBS Surgery


Good morning!

As we approach Easter, I urge each one of you to find some small ray of hope in your lives that will enable you to be at peace with where you are in your Parkinson's adventure. As I move past my 2-1/2 month mark from the DBS surgery, I am reminded each day through your postings here that many of you feel lost, as though this disease has won it's battle with you. I have been in that dark place - I call it the blue chair - and it can reach out with it's insidious limitations and try to tell you that life is no fun this way. Don't let it capture you. I wish I had the magic answers. Here is wishing you all peace and and happiness. Annie

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Can you verify three things? 1) You had both sides of your brain done and there is a single battery unit installed. 2) This was all surgically installed the same day in about 6.5 hours. 3) Which area of the brain were the leads installed in and did you have tremor or motion dominant pd? Thanks.

I had both sides of my brain done in the parietal area. It took 6.5 hours and yes I have a single battery implanted at the same time. I didn't have tremors but had freezing. Are you scheduled for Dbs?

Let me know if you have other questions. Take care Annie

Thanks. I am in the situation that you were in last year. Freezing is a major problem and DBS is the only possibility. I still need to be evaluated though.

Good Morning,

I am happy to hear you are doing so well. This Friday I have my first visit with the surgeon who is doing the DBS surgery. I wish everyone with Parkinson's would have your success. I will keep you posted on my surgery date etc. Bless you and Happy Easter!

Lynne 1946

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