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I’ve written before about the benefits I’ve had from an exercise programme called PD Warrior which originated in Australia. I live in the U.K. and last year, I went to the Parkinson U.K. headquarters as a kind of ‘Guinea Pig’ when they were training physios in the technique. It’s still not fully rolled out in the UK - I travelled to a (private) physio some distance from my home to be shown the exercises - and I’d love to find a group nearer home because i do this on my own in my conservatory which doubles as a little gym. Bit lonely 😔

Anyway - the website has developed quite a lot and you can do what’s called the ten week challenge on line - there are some paying options but there is a free programme. There’s a lot of good resources on the website so for those of you who’d like to investigate, here it is: pdwarrior.com/join-the-tribe/

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I too went to be a “body” for PD Warrior last year and am now on a course with a local neuro - physiotherapist too. I’m loving it and think everybody who can should try it. It’s energetic but so much fun.


I've been doing PD warrior style classes for about 6 weeks and have found a couple of classes in Leeds. Both instructors have done the training but because of the licence fee they can't afford to deliver PD warrior other than the core exercises. So they incorporate those with other big movement type exercises. I found one class by phoning all the private Neuro physios in the area and the other was recommended by someone I met at a support group.

Not sure if this will be of any use to you but if not I'm sure there'll be something else in your area: guildfordparkinsons.org.uk/...

Thanks for posting the link to the 10 week challenge, I'll definitely give it a go.

stevie3 in reply to Jayne849

That’s brilliant, Jayne, thanks for that link.

Jayne849 in reply to stevie3

I've found you another one that does classes in surrey: surreyhillsrehab.co.uk/exer...

Hope these links are helpful... as you say it's lonely exercising on your own; the 2 classes I go to have made a huge difference not only to my symptoms but also my wellbeing.

Hope you find something soon...

stevie3 in reply to Jayne849

Jayne,you’re a star!

Where abouts are you stevie3? I’m an OT and am PD Warrior trained, as well as a certified LSVT Big clinician. I’m just about to start my ‘Bigger and ‘Better’ program in Warwick. It’s an 8-week program which includes assessment and 16 sessions over the 8 weeks. I’ll also be encouraging people to sign up to the PD Warrior 10 week challenge.

As well as this I’m working with a group of fitness professionals to put on weekly PD specific exercise classes.

Wasn’t sure whether ‘advertising’ on here was the right thing to do but I want to reach as many people as possible. I hear all to often that people are struggling to find a suitable program or class.

If you’re close maybe I can be of some help??

Jayne849 in reply to OTEB


It would be great if you could advertise your classes on here and other forums such as Parkinson's UK and maybe a FB page. People are looking for PD warrior so that's what they search for on Google.

Good luck with your Bigger and Better programme.

OTEB in reply to Jayne849

Thanks Jayne. I was a bit nervous about doing so as I know the PD UK forum in particular say no selling / advertising. But if people are asking for it I don’t see it being a problem??

Jayne849 in reply to OTEB

They now have a new exercise section and they'd asked me to put links about PD warrior in there as I'm always banging on about It and I posted a link to the 10 core exercises. I'm happy to put it on the forum for you if you send me the details. It might be worth speaking to the support worker from PUK for your region as they would be able to promote it at support groups. Also I'd suggest speaking to the NHS Parkinson's nurses in Warwick and nearby as they might send people to you as well.

OTEB in reply to Jayne849

That would be fantastic. I’m hoping to get all the details finalised by next week. I will send you the website link then. I am also setting up a ‘Bigger & Better’ Facebook and Instagram page. The therapy side I’m fine with. The business and marketing bit not so much!! A fantastic learning curve though! Thanks Jayne

That's really good of you to reach out - however, I'm in guildford, so not near Warwick. I did see someone a couple of times in Salisbury so I've been shown how to do the exercises, but I'd really like to find a PD exercise class.

Thanks. Will certainly check this out.

I have previously done the 10 week challenge at home and would love to join a local class as I believe you work harder in a class situation and it is more fun. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be any classes in the Norfolk area of UK.

Hi there

This probably doesn't help you geographically Stevie but there's a Nordic Walking instructor in S London who has done the PD Warrior training and incorporates their exercises into a walking class. Her website is fitandhappyoutdoors.com.

I do PD Warrior on my own (having also been to Salisbury...) and I also find Nordic Walking very useful, so it seems like a good combination!

Thank you - Jane has posted a link to a clinic in Surrey which is very near me and I’ve emailed them! It would be so great to find a class. This Website is just brilliant for info!

I registered for the 10 week challenge but couldn’t find the free option?

stevie3 in reply to 1953bullard

Try this - pdwarrior.com/join-the-tribe/

If that doesn’t work, go to the pd Warrior site. Click on getting started (left hand side menu) and then click on ‘join the tribe’. Scroll down and are three options, free, medium and premium.

1953bullard in reply to stevie3

Found it thx

Hi, I have just found this thread whilst searching for myself whilst reviewing my website. Thank you to whoever it was that mentioned our PD Warrior type groups. Sorry Stevie I'm not sure if you contacted me or not but hope you found some help in the end!

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