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Man gone mad??

I don’t know whether this post belongs in the Dementia section or Mental illness dept. my partners mother recently succumbed to dementia and now he is on a mission to act as though she was the only person in his his life. Well it hurts me as his partner because I was there every step of the way He has. Pushed ass his loved ones away , become very paranoid, greedy, and VERY FORGETFUL I just don’t like the way he is acting. He has very bad anger issues which thank god fmdoes help to a certain extent. He is 63. And I had never had him treat me with such disrespect. Any thoughts. I have contacted our family doctor He has told me to play it safe. Well all I have is tied up in this place so I get nothing. He’s on this spending sprees. But won’t go on a holiday together? I think he may be getting early onset dementia. Any thoughts????

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Has a diagnosis of Parkinson's been made?




What meds is he taking? Is he taking a dopamine agonist?

Here is a list of dopamine agonists:

Apomorphine (Apokyn )

Bromocriptine (Parlodel )

Cabergoline (Dostinex )








Piribedil (Pronoran and Trivastal )

Pramipexole (Mirapex and Sifrol )


Quinagolide (Norprolac )

Ropinirole (Requip)

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Coffee, Cigarettes, Medical Cannabis Oil for Pain , testeronne due to an adrenaline gland that produces no testosterone so hHS to take hormones. They same way I have had to use estrogen and progesterone for 12 years of menopause ugh There is nothing left of my vaginsxx


He takes only medical cannabis and testosterone injections every other week due to his adrenal gland. It doesn’t produce testosterone any longer. It is well below the normal limits and this was due to the heck c pegetron (chemo) treatment.


Man gone mad indeed. By all means get a diagnosis established with the doctor. You also need to see an attorney to discuss what you can do to save the remaining assets. Ideally get yourself appointed as guardian or conservator and get his ability to spend money suspended before he spends it all.

It seems he has acquired some version of what is known as "impulse control disorder". Usually it is associated with certain medications but apparwently not in this case.


It's dementia. If you aren't legally married or on the deed to the house, and you have helped pay for the house, you need to get him to a lawyer as soon as possible and get a deed drawn up and recorded so that you can co-own the house together, or get married, but at the very least consult a lawyer.

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NANCY I think you might be right. He can have a days or two of clarity but the a days after can be semi-normal and then SNAP I have to get him to the doctor FIRST and get the diagnosis on paper , cause my non profession doesn’t qualify me or a lawyer to basically claim his possessions.

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NANCY I have already talked to my dr (we have the same dr) so I wrote him a note explaining my partners behaviour. He has become the keeper/hoarder of his dead son sons and mothers belongings. It’s terrible. He needs to sell certain vechicles or they with be worthless


Thx Nancy. I got him to go and get a physical and he is going to take a test to see if he has early forms of dementia. He’s had over 20 concussions, so the dr is very concerned. Thx again.


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