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Parkinson's Movement
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Parkinsons and dystonia

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s and dystonia of the abdominal muscles about 6 years ago. When standing or attempting to stand, and walking short distances (25 feet) stomach muscles contract . The further I walk (using walker) the tighter the muscles become. When I sit or lie down the tightness goes away. This is very limiting regarding activities able to engage in. Taking carbo/levo 9 per day, ropinirole cr 8 mg per day. Botox injections in abdomen (about 18 sites 3 times over 90 days unsucessful). Stomach muscles sore. Anyone tried any other treatments, etc.? Also saw neurosurgeon regarding implantation of electrodes in brain (site different than used for Parkinsons tremors) but risks too great vs. a maybe help reward.

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I feel you pain with Dystonia I have it really bad in my right hand (clawed) right foot.


I have Dystonia causing foot cramps and night time leg cramps. It helps me to take Magnesium Citrate 1 tablet 125 mg before I go to bed. You can get this at most grocery stores/pharmacies that have a lot of vitamins. The bottle says you can take 2 tablets but proceed with caution as magnesium is also a laxative.

When Magnesium isn't enough my doctor has prescribed 2 muscle relaxants:

- Methocarbamol 750 mg for daytime

- Cyclobenzaprine 10 mg for night time (has sedating effect)


Dr Joaquin Farias is the expert on dystonia fariastechnique.com offering personal designed movement programmes to overcome dystonia. Read his book 'Limitless' fariastechnique.com/focal-d...


CBD helps me with magnesium supplements.

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With me, my side stomach muscles and partially in the back contract when standing and/or attempting to walk, at times. When this happens, it is so painful! Heating pad and masssage helps some. Thankfully, I don’t have it all the time, but when I do, it really hurts. Sometimes, the further Ibwalk, the tighter the muscles get, so it can get rough. Like you, I’ve been diagnosed with PD.


I think being constipated helps to create tight abs so I eat like I know I have to eat - salads, fiber, prunes, whole grains, beans, only a little animal protein, not much refined sugar, etc., and I chew very well. I don't overeat - if my stomach is overstretched with too much food it will get very tight. Lightly massaging my abs helps. Lying down on my back on either a firm bed or on a pad on the floor, gently raising both arms overhead, and resting them on the pillow with my elbows staying bent has helped me a lot to loosen and stretch the ab muscles and even to walk a little more upright.


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