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Ooh that Smell


Last night at 4:30am my sense of smell came back all at once. I woke up and smelled a very unfamiliar smell. Was it the coffee maker? Burning plastic? A fire? No it was the soap in the shower next door. Couldnt fall back to sleep. I was ok with not being able to smell!

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Something is going on, something is getting better. I know you've been very proactive working on it.

Are you still taking the Mannitol? If you have stuck to even 80% of your full plan as you have previously outlined I am not surprised if you see improvements.

bassofspades in reply to alexask

Im almost done with my 2nd kilo of mannitol

cshamb in reply to bassofspades

Do u take anything else with the Mannatol? How much do u take at a time. Thanks and God Bless.

bassofspades in reply to cshamb


heres a link to my huge list. Doses not listed since they will vary from one patient to the next. As for the Mannitol, I take a tablespoon a day. I should probably double that amount but it makes me have to run to the bathroom and gives me gas if I go any higher than a tablespoon.

alexask in reply to bassofspades

I tend to have more if I have had more evil sugary carbs (usually someone's birthday in the office and I can't resist when they bring in donuts). Still it is interesting that you have your smell back as it shows the brain can repair itself. Who knows what else this could lead to?

That is SO encouraging! Something is definitely changing within you. Keep up the good work!

My smell has come back too.Not everything mind , and some I would be happy not to smell!!

When I’m out on the bike in the orange and lemon groves it’s lovely to smell the blossom, but the farmyard smells.....

Coffee, garlic cooking, Indian curries,my wife’s perfume, enjoy .Hope it lasts.

Fantastic! I am following in your footsteps with nutrition, exercise and supplements. You have given me even more hope and motivation! I still have my sense of smell but hopefully my nose will stop running! Where are you getting your mannitol from?

bassofspades in reply to NRyan


That's great news.

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