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chronic neck & shoulder pain


I suffer from many past concussions, falls, fainting spells & black outs hitting my head, and migraines.

Currently, I am dealing with severe back of my neck pain, nausea, migraines accompanied by lack of focus and bedbound.


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Two questions: What do you take for your migraines? And secondly, have you tried acupuncture?

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I take ibuprofen 800’s for migraines and I have a great acupuncturist.

Because of my high sensitivity to pain, It can sometimes take me a week to recover from my treatments.

My brain will selectively pick a certain part of my body to torture. Lately ( 3 months or so ) it has been my neck and upper shoulder right arm and occasionally a nice charley horse in the left hamstring when I am doing something intense.

I just began experiencing the charley horse in my left hamstring

Our symptoms are alIke.

What are you doing to alleviate your pain threshold?...

Yep, you are in the middle of something, intense, focused, lets say a game of Splatoon and all of a sudden a perfect 10 on the hamstring front. Imagine being so intent on an objective that you try to block out the pain while in the middle of a battle but start pounding on your leg with the remote.

I wonder why my wife has not had me committed yet.

magnesium and a CBD / THC tincture blend

Do you have Parkinsons independent?

Hi - have you had an MRI? I am wondering if something besides Parkinson's is causing your symptoms?

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