Nighttime and meds

Do you guys take your meds at night?

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  • My husband does (his 3rd CL dose of the day) but I often wonder if that could possibly keep him awake when he goes to bed & then once he is asleep - wakes him back up. Am I crazy ?

  • yes, but in a nice kind of way

  • I guess I asked for that - :-)

  • Lol

  • No, you are not crazy. When I first started taking

    c/L I was taking my last dose at 6 pm and had wild dreams all night long, woke up every 2 hours. I now take my last dose of the day at 4 pm and am doing much better. But, PD medicine is known to disturb sleep.

  • I take mine 1@7:loam, 1@12:00 and the last @5:00 pm

  • Yes, it helps me sleep. I take Sinemet CR.

  • 2 leva/carba at bedtime

    allows me to move around while I sleep

    (the time is now 3:48 am )

  • My husband does take his meds at night and if necessary an extra Sinemet during the day but then gets sleepier than normal. So far he takes less meds than others he knows. His secondary is Meripac, probably spelled wrong. His latest problem is getting up from an easy chair. We both have to be careful with steps. I have Fibro, cfs., long time depression, Epstein Barr, sleep apnea but not using cpap anymore. I think hubby needs one. With all my meds., starting with blood pressure ones many years ago, I sometimes wonder if I truly have anything really wrong at all. Must sleep. It's 2am.

  • No, I do not. For some reason I can make it through the night. I have some tremors, but they usually don't last a long period. Sometimes they will come back but I try to calm my self with some self-talk/meditation & it seems to help. I have been sleeping 4 or 5 hrs a night, occasionally 2-3.

  • Gosh laglag you can sleep throough your tremors using meditation. Another reason I find you admirable. Wow! I take mp every night before bedtime and as needed when the tremor comes back and awakens me at night. Same cycle as when I was taking just C/L.

  • I don't take my Sinemet Cr after about 6 pm. However, before going to bed I take a Mega B tablet, magnesium, curcumin, calcium with vitamin D, co-enzyme 10, and olive leaf extract. Sinemet can block the b vitamins like B2,and B3, and lack of these vitamins can cause dementia. My vitamin B levels remain high through the day, and my Sinemet Cr controls tremor in the daytime. I feel that curcumin and olive leaf extract in combination help with the non-tremor aspects of PD. Late at night, my right hand tremor can go up to my shoulder, and I have a slight left hand tremor, but not all the time. The magnesium and calcium before bed helps to prevent leg muscle cramps during the night. My tremor which is controlled by Sinemet CR in the daytime, is the tip of the iceberg.

  • This is news to me! I'll start expanding the time between my Sinemet ER and B vitamins.

  • Interesting protocol

  • Hey Becky how goes the battel? I rarely take meds past 6.30pm. Accept for an occasional clonozapam to help with sleep

  • I usually take half a sinemet if I need it. It helps with the pain in my arms and shoulders but I don't want too much because then I'll be twitchy. I'm still taking one clonazepam for the REM sleep disorder. Sleep is an ongoing challenge and I guess always will be. Something will work and then it won't anymore. Last night, amazingly enough, I wasn't up for an hour or so around 4 a.m. but instead slept mostly till 7. Who knows why?! Not me. I appreciate it though.

  • I am on Amino Acid Treatment, which is a bit different. I take them at 6am 10am and 2pm.

    There is no On/Off, it seems to level out over 24hrs. I can even go a day or two; this is how I know if I am at the right dose.

  • Can you tell me what your dosage is now of all the different amino acids you're taking? Thanks

  • Hi Mary, present doseage,


    100 % LDopa. 1.3G

    Tyrosene 1.0G

    Folate 1MG

    B6. 100MG

    NeuroReplete. 1tab

    CysReplete. Zero


    100 % LDopa. 1.3G

    Tyrosene 1.0G

    Folate Zero

    B6. 100MG

    NeuroReplete. Zero

    CysReplete. 1tab


    100 % LDopa. 1.3G

    Tyrosene 2.0G

    Folate 1MG

    B6. 100MG

    NeuroReplete. 1tab

    CysReplete. 1tab


    CysReplete. 1tab

    Trust this helps,


  • Thank you so much that's a big help. Mary

  • Hi Harleybob08! If you take tyrosine, does it seem to matter when you take it. I am adding it and I wouldn't want anything to further disturb my sleep than it already is.

  • Hi Buzz,

    I've always taken the Tyrosene at 6 10 & 2. Never had any trouble sleeping apart from the odd tremor.

  • that's encouraging

  • I don't take any at night. I cut 25/100 c/l into quarters and take them (more or less) hourly. I take my last 1/4 pill around 5:30-6:00pm and average 300mg daily. I do this to [try to] limit dyskinesia.

  • Would you get the same effect taking an extended release C/L? My ears are agog, because the dyskinesia gets so bad for me I didn't want to take it at all. I took mucuna instead, which I got at the health food store. After taking a couple falls, I started C/L again yesterday but I dread the dyskinesia.

  • So, attributing the falls to Mucuna, was it dizziness, weakness in your legs...what if you could tell was the adverse effect from your Mucuna. I am interested because I have noted somethings and wonder if we had the ssame experience.

  • I didn't think the Mucuna caused the falls, but rather, failed to stop them. I assumed the falls came from progression of the disease. The doctor suggested I may be undermedicated and to add a half a Sinemet to my noon dose.

  • Thank you Beckey. I noted less leg endurance since quitting Sinemet

  • Beckey! I gave it a try. I increased my L Dopa a little. I mean I added some Sinemet (1/2 tab) to my 200 mg MP for night time-also chewed it actually along with 250 mg C and about 30 mg of EGCG. Tasted horrible but I slept way better. Unfortunately I have dilated pupils today and need to wear sunglasses outdoors. I guess I got a bit high. But tremor didn't wake me so often last night.

  • I'm so glad to hear it!

  • Beckey, do you take Amantadine? It's supposed to be for dyskensia. How much C/L do you take?

  • Yes, I take a half an amantidine when I take the C/L. My dose on the C/L is two 100/25 pills three times a day. The doc suggested I go up to a whole amantidine to limit dyskinesia.

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