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Just introducing myself. This is why I am here. I have a 81 year old mother who has Parkinson's disease. She was at stage 2 and 3 for many years. She broke her leg 3 years ago and it seems to have caused her to progress. I can still get her out of bed with some struggles but she uses a walker and walks a little slowly around the dining room table. I am still able to get her on the elliptical so she can exercise her upper body as well as her legs. I decided to order Restore Gold for 3 months. I know they don't recommend someone taking it who is at stage 4 but I figure what have I got to lose. She is incontnent. But she is still in her right mind. I have taken her off all processed foods and sugar. I strictly buy organic now and she only drinks Fiji bottled water. So I'm hoping with all these changes to see some improvements.

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  • She is lucky to have you caring for her. Does she have tremors as well as movement issues?

    It is so good to keep her moving. My mum is bed ridden and it makes everything so difficult as she needs to be hoisted into her chair and into the toilet. (She doesn't have PD).

  • So sorry about your mom. I know I'm headed in the direction of a hoist if things don't change. But so far when she does her walk I can take her to the computer and she will send emails to my sisters. I'm glad she still has her mind. My mom used to have trouble sleeping because of tremors and muscle cramps. Several months ago I discovered a wonderful product. It's a natural amino acid called 5 HTP. I buy her the chewable and she takes 1 before bed and sleeps like a rock. She would sleep all through the night if I didn't have to change her diaper in the middle of the night but she easily goes right back to sleep.

  • look into eliminating all grain and cow dairy. No beef either. I eat that takes some getting used to, but you do get used to it and stop craving unhealthy food. I eat lots of veggies and some fruit, fish and nuts/seeds. Root veggies are great and filling as well as dark leafy greens. I am rarely really hungry. Avoid anything food wise in a can, unless the can is lined. Avocado, olive, coconut oil and ghee are the only oils I consume. Music can help with movement so make sure she has upbeat music to exercise or walk to. The average life expectancy in the US is 78 your mom has already beaten some odds! Keep trying, she can improve.

  • Thanks, yes we do most of the above. But what is wrong with beef if it is grass feed, organic, extra lean? I alternate lean meats for her to give her a variety. I wish I would have started this years ago but I just wasn't educated. I am fortunate in the fact that she has never been a dairy or sweets eater so nothing to give up there.

  • I just read a research study somewhere that beef and cow dairy are shown to be detrimental to PD. I will see if I can find it again.

  • OK Cool! My Mom has always hated milk and for many years my Mom would try and eat something sweet and as soon as she finished it she would have to eat some food because she said she had to get that sweet taste out of her mouth. Her Mother was the same way. They just couldn't stand that sweet taste. I wish I took after them lol!

  • You may want to eat the same diet as your mom. My dad had PD and now I do. If I had a parent with PD, I would be doing all I can to prevent myself from developing it.

  • I agree. I'm not 100 on the diet like she is but I'm getting there. The beginning of the year I put us on a 3 day detox and that got the ball rolling for the change in our diet. We also did a colon cleanse (natural one). Now neither of us have any constipation issues. Our life has really changed. My problem is that while caring for her I am also working graveyard P.T. at Home Depot (working Freight). I never get enough sleep. I put more focus on doing the right things for her then for myself. But my only real weakness is chocolate. I started buying Cacoa and it is turning out to be a great substitute. You won't see anything unhealthy in this kitchen. It has forced me to do the right things as well. It's hard when family comes to visit because they just don't get it.

  • you can eat 90% dark also. That is what I do when I cheat with a square. Don't care about other family members not supporting the healthy eating. Just do what you have to for the both of you. Figure out how to get more sleep. Look at Neuro Mag and Ashwangandha. I take 2 neuro and 1 ash every night before bed. My sleep is so much better. Even if you are getting reduced sleep, it helps to have a deep and restful sleep.

  • I fixed baked fresh salmon twice a week my husband has Parkinsons 24 years he was 82 and half . You are a blessing to your mother. Hugs. God bless you

  • You should try mannitol. To the very least, it will be sugar.

    Have a look at CliniCrowd (

  • Thanks for sharing this info. I have never heard of it. I will check it out.

  • I ordered some but not sure how much to give her.

  • You should go on the CiniCrowd site. Once the questionnaire has been completed, they give you access to the doses. It depends on one's weight.

    For me that's 9 grams per day, taken in coffee, tea, yogurt or whatever.

  • Ok. I had already created an account so I will go back and see what I missed.

  • Thank you so much for letting me know about the Mannitol. We are on day 21 of taking it. MOM stood up for me all by herself. We've had some ups and downs. Just those small changes are very exciting. I just have to be patient. :)

  • Mom and I take Ashwangandha every day but I never heard of Neuro Mag. What is it?

  • Magnesium Threonate

  • We take Magnesium. I will see if it's that kind.

  • Are you taking Mannitol ? I started Mom and I on it this last Sunday and am already seeing some improvements in her.

  • No, not yet. I am just starting to experience symptoms and am on a 100% strict ketogenic diet plus supplements. I do Nordic Walking every day. I will add mannitol as soon as I need to.

  • If you do make sure you create an account and register with CliniCrowd. They will give you a breakdown of how much you should take for your body weight. Too much can have serious side affects. I put myself on it as well. I noticed a difference in Mom on the second day. I'm so far excited about it.

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