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Problems with breathing


I wonder if anybody has sudden episodes of feeling out of breath Is this the result of sinemet wearing off or too much of it

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I describe my experience as cannot breath. Unlike winded or out of breath.

My husband gets breathless and fatigued when he gets real anxious. We have been told that even the muscles that control blood to the brain slow down. A puff of marijuana helps him.

He also gets this way if he misses a dose of his Sinemet. We have started carrying extra Sinemet with us everywhere in case we are away from the house and he has forgotten to take it.

I have the problem sometimes. Anxiety seem to be the trigger

i get end-of-dose dyskinesias (about 15 minutes before the sinemet wears off). and this is when i am short of breath and need my inhaler. so i think it is ultimately the dyskinesias that cause the shortness of breath, because the movements are severe, and use so much energy.

I have intense frequent yawning episodes that affect the trigeminal nerve to my left eye. I try a little Vick's vapor rub under my nose before bedtime, sinus medication, now 5 mg Lexapro generic.

The problem is that if it is dyskinesia we should take less levadopa and if it is wearing off we must take more!

Actually it is being out of shape physically. You need to exercise first then take your sinemet afterwards in the morning. Once you get in better shape physically the out of breath feeling goes away. Also,I found taking the drug Xadago helped me with this greatly.

Beckey in reply to rhenry45

When do you take iy, and how much?

Julia0710 in reply to Beckey

I take 2 sinemet 25/100 every 2 hours!. I have been taking Levadopa for more than 10 years. 2 days ago I began combining sinemet instant release with CR

rhenry45 in reply to Beckey

I take 100 mg of Xadago in the morning around 9:00 am. Then I take my first 25/100 sinemet at about 11:30 am after I finish exercising. Then at about 2:15pm I take 1 extended release sinemet AND 1 25/100 sinemet at the same time. I take my last sinemet at 6:30 pm. If you do this about 95% of your symptoms will go away for the rest of the day and your breathing and walking will be excellent.

Xadago is not yet available in Canada ...

rhenry45 in reply to Julia0710

You can buy it online from That is where I get it.

Julia0710 in reply to rhenry45

Do I need a prescription?

rhenry45 in reply to Julia0710

No. You do not need a prescription. Just go to the site and they will ask you some basic questions and that is all you need. You will get it guaranteed.

Unfortunately, yes.

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