Today, my neurologist added Sifrol and increased Sinemet dosage from 3 to 4times a day. I was Dx with PD in 2014, September and I will be 61 years old soon. After reading and watching about pwp in this community, I realised that it went back to 2011, when I got a strange smell, like the smell in a new car just by myself all the time no matter where I was. I was getting more anxiety and depression. I also suffer from ED.. After two years on Sinenet 100/25 three times a day, the doctor told me to increase to four adding Sifrol starting with 0.375 mg and to increase up to 3 mg.. I am following John Pepper's fast walking for a few months and get a feeling that I have a long way to go. I try to walk two days in my neibourhood and two days at gym a week. For the last three months, Fatigue is more noticeable and I also lost libido. ED is getting worse. I lost motivation in doing things I used to do. I mentioned these problems and the doctor added more medication. I am always concerned to take new medicine and would like to to ask is there anyone in our community having Sifrol.?

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  • Hi what do you mean by ED?

    I'm about the same age dx 2016 but lost sense of smell 2001 smelt like lemons all the time. I've not settled on meds at all how did you find sinemet initially?

  • Erectile dysfunction. Sinemet is ok with me. But, I feel like there are good and bad days. I think depends on the dopamine level.

  • I take Sifrol, in addition to Stalevo (a relative of sinemet. Sifrol helps to manage restless legs and also helps even out the Stalevo reducing off time.

  • Thanks Joynb. I will give a go.

  • The first 4 years after I diagnosed I was using Sifrol first the immediate release then the extended-release, the immediate release didn't help much but the extended release helped.

    Sifrol has too many side effects especially impulsive behaviors, anxiety, depression, and fatigue but when I stopped it and used Neupro patches and Sinemet almost all those symptoms diapered, hope this can help.

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