Duopa pump

My fellow Parkie's,

I went to my neuro yesterday and he told my about the Duopa pump and how successful it has been. It essentially pumps a steady stream of Sinimet through a feeding tube placed in your stomach and into your small intestine. The drug is pumped during your waking hours allowing you to be in the On period all day. He says I'm a good candidate and would like me to consider trying it. He said it works as well as DBS! But a lot less invasive. I called the company that makes it and will schedule a phone appointment with a mentor who is currently using the device as a Q/A session to find out the finer details of the device and how it works and details of the operation.

Has anyone tried this? Let me know your thoughts. If the neuro is right it looks to be a better option than DBS,

Sleepless in NH

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  • Nobody in this group has anything to say about my post?

  • I won't do either one

  • I agree they both are scary !!!!!

  • I went to the Cleveland Clinic about 4 years ago & the neuro I saw was one that helped invent that if I remember correcly. The only other thing I remember is that he said I wasn't a candidate because my on/off times were so unpredictable (I think!). It was Dr. Hubert (maybe Herbert) Fernandez & we talked to his nurse a lot, Cathy Wilson.

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