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For men w/PD that use no Rx, just natural therapies

Hi, from the start of my departure from conventional prescriptions I have sought the answer to the portability problem, since the several natural substances my body needs to replace a few Rx tablets tend to be larger. They take up so much space in a shirt pocket. It is a portability problem as well as a personal appearance issue (bulging pocket). :) What is your answer? Please don't write aboout the fanny pack that is another personal appearance issue. :)

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Man bags (Shoulder bags) are common in the UK or very small backpacks. I think the fashion came from Europe.


A pill tray available from Amazon works well for me. It's configured to handle a week's worth of 4 doses p/day so you can separate AM/MID/PM (or before/after meal doses). Grab 1 or 2 trays and lay out your supps for 1 or 2 weeks in advance. And, the BEST part is the portability factor - if you just want a day's worth of supps, you can pop out that particular day from the tray and slip it in your pocket (or fanny pack).

Amazon link:

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Actually am hoping to have somethiiiiiiiing not stigmatizing. Looking for an everyday masculine carry item that I can convert to a carrier for my therapeutic stuff. Have thought of a caddy for cigars for example or a case for an electronic device


Well after 3 weeks and still finding no neat, tucked away method to carry so much bulk supplement, I have decided to temporarily take a step back. I am now using natural sourced levodopa and supporting supplements (Silvestrov style) just when at home. If I must go out for any extended time, I am taking a slim flex-open medicine holder packed with a few 25/100 Sinemet tabs, 250 mg Vit C tabs and GABBA-plex capsules, all fitting neatly inside a shirt front pocket. Only other thing is to remember to take bottled water and off I go. It is not ideal for several reasons will do until I solve the supplement portability problem. Natural supplements definitely work a lot better but if you can't easily take it where you go without bulging pockets a person that cares about appearances has to have a backup plan. :)


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