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Practical advice. Anyone had issues with hiring a car at an airport?

What it says up there ^ !

I have a L arm/leg tremor but otherwise I'm fine.

I've had to notify the DVLA (that's our driving licence regulatory body in the the UK)

I'm fine driving but my licence now has to be reviewed every 3 years (20 months to go on current licence). I'm off to Italy in May and intend hiring a car at the airport. Should I declare my PD - and if I do will it cause a problem?



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You may well find that the hire company requires you to have a minimum of 3 years on your driving licence. That's what happened to us when we were on holiday in South Africa (where we used to live) so I had to hire the car in my name but they did allow my husband (PWP) to be a named driver......not sure if this was Policy or inefficiency!

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Yes, I suspected there might be some issues like that. Which is all well and good if travelling with partner but if I'm alone it could be a problem...

I'm interested to hear from others to see if yours was an isolated experience. The countries I'm most likely to visit and hire a car in are Italy, France and USA...


The DVLA would not issue you with a licence if you were not fit to drive.

I regularly hire a car all over the world and as long as you have a valid driving licence you don't need to 'declare' anything.

You have a neurological condition . When you are no longer fit to drive you won't be issued with a licence, then you won't be able to hire a car .End of.


Thanks for your assertive reply. A tad simplistic however. I may be 'fit to drive, end of' but the question remains has anyone experienced problems with hire car companies and their various rules?


Make sure to get insurance.

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