Anyone hear of this therapy group?

My Physical Therapist told me I might want to check out a PD program called "Delay the Disease."

I've never heard of it, but it appears to have medical doctors associated with Parkinson's and Movement Disorders. It's only $19.95, but I don't know how long that period lasts or much more about it, or if it is even where it might be available.

Does anyone know anything about this therapy group? Let me know, please.

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  • I think $19.95 is the price of the book of the same name. Just type "Delay the Disease" into your search engine and you will find lots of information. It's a program devised by David Zid and run by Ohio Health. There are You Tube videos of the exercises, etc and you can buy the book from the Ohio Health website. Good luck and keep moving.

  • Hello Jwolfman614

    As far as Delay the Disease it looks like a good program to help PWP. any form of exercise is great but it does not have to be one made for PWP. Any thing you enjoy which is the key because you will not do it if you don't. It just needs to have stretching, weights, and cardio. For me Crossfit is the exercise that i enjoy. But i enjoy it for a different reason. The people there are like family and have the same goal to get fit and advance their health and strength. We greet each other with hugs and encourage every one to do their best.

    Just get moving and don't stop if you stop your life stops.

  • Another similiar program that I use is Rock Steady Boxing. Google it to see if there is a program near you. It's non-contact boxing with other exercises similiar to delay the disease. Anything you can do to exercise is beneficial to us.

  • Jwolfman, Delay the Disease is great program. I haven't been to the actual class but I've met David Zid and read the book that has the exercises in it. David Zid came to Rock Steady Boxing and also did a presentation at a PD Conference I attended. He's a very motivating and super guy, really cares about helping others. I'm not sure where you're located, but you might also check out I've been participating in it for over 10 yrs. It's a non-contact boxing program that is strictly for PwP's (persons with PD), because it's for PwP's it's kind of like a support group also. You can go there and not feel bad because everyone is in the same boat as you. Go to the website and see if there is one close to you and check out some of the videos. I have a testimonial under the Testimonial section & my name is Debbie. I

  • yes, I participate in that class- its g great! It incorporates different cognitive/ motor strategies than does RSBoxing. Join if you can!

  • They are most prominent in eastern states but are working their way across the midwest. Many of their classes are taught at the YMCA and their certified trainers also work with PD individuals one to one. They begin each session with an aerobic activity and then work on balance, strength, multi-tasking. I have seen a huge improvement since beginning Delay the Disease one year ago.

  • I am a Certified Delay the Disease personal trainer in Minneapolis. I teach a class and have one on one training clients.

    It's a wonderful program that can help Delay your symptoms with proven results.

  • Pedaling for Parkinson's, Dance for PD, Rocksteady Boxing, these are all excellent programs for people with Parkinson's.

  • I am a certified Delay the Disease instructor in Minneapolis. I love what I do - find it very rewarding! It is an evidence-based exercise program that is proven to delay symptoms and give you better quality of life. Do not let Parkinson's disease control you - take control back from this disease!

  • My husband goes to exercise class in Columbus, Ohio, called Delay the Disease. It has helped tremendously...probably as much as the meds. Check it out:

  • I also live in Columbus. I called on Friday and was so surprised to have David Zid answer the phone. Well, it was his voice mail anyway. So, I left my contact information with him and told him I was interested in his program and eager to find out more.

    We'll see if I hear anything on Monday.

    I'm glad to hear that there is a location here in Columbus. The web page that is supposed to show you where you can find locations was not helpful at all. There are far too many locations (I kept getting locations in Wisconsin, and all over. So, I called the number I'd been given.

    Thanks for your help, tbirchf.


  • Hey John, I am sure you will hear back from David Zid promptly. He is so personable. He will recommend exercises for you based on what he observes in your symptoms. I will say a prayer that you get some answers quickly and relief from your symptoms.

  • Last Halloween night I lost my balance due to my PD and slammed my head onto the ground and sidewalk while trying to decorate the front yard.

    I hit the ground so hard that I knocked myself unconscious, but did I let my wife call the squad for me? No!

    However, the next morning I was still in severe pain, so I agreed and I told her I was ready to go.

    At the ER, my wife was told that I had broken my neck and would need to be transported to a hospital that had a trauma unit.

    So now, after surgery to repair my first two vertebrae, I have undergone inpatient rehab and now outpatient therapy for SP, OT, and PT I'm doing better after 5 months.

    I have been taking SP and OT to help unscramble my brain from my brain trauma. I had cognitive and speech issues where I would often have trouble coming up with the word or sentence I wanted to use and my muscles would not cooperate with what I wanted them to do. The fall exacerbated issues I was already having with my PD balance and strength. My PD was diagnosed about a year and a half ago.

    So many people here, in this forum, have provided me with support and encouragement to not allow the disease to take control of me.

    I am finishing with my SP and OT and even though I have made great gains, I'm not at the place I feel I should be. I taught special ed. high school for forty-two years and took pride in being able to write, speak, and think clearly, but the toughest part has been when I was told that due to the combined result of breaking my neck (inability to turn my head) and my PD (tremors, and lack of muscular control) I am no longer allowed to drive.

    My wife takes me everywhere I need to go without even one complaint that I am a burden to her in any way, despite how I feel about it. She takes me to all of my therapy sessions and stays with me - even though I have therapy four days a week.

    I'm nearly finished with all of my therapies, but PT and this is where I initially heard about the Delay the Disease program. I called and left a message for David Zid and am eager to hear back from him.

    Normally, because of my weakness and poor balance (PD), I use a walker, but of course during my PT sessions, I put it aside to use equipment do exercises to work on strengthening and balance. So, I don't anticipate that this should be a problem.

    I've come to accept that I'm not going to drive again. Actually, I felt less sorry for me because I'd sort of expected to hear that news, although it was difficult to hear the words. I felt badly for my OT who told me. She told me I'd be surprised at how patients have reacted to that news (from yelling to cursing her). I realize that these people were likely mad at the disease rather than her.

    I'm still mad at the disease, sometimes cry about it, but would never take it out on other people. I'm mad that I can't do some of the things I used to do, but I've accepted that. Thanks again to the people here, I'm trying to focus on the things I can still do.

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