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Holiday travel with Parkinsons

Was wondering whether anyone had any tips on Insurances to take out when having a holiday in another country with Parkinsons - if only we could leave it at home.

I have taken insurance out on previous occasions and my Parkinsons did not make any difference to the premium. However, Parkinsons now has another little friend, Diabetes and I have a feeling this could increase my premium.

Also, having watched holiday programmes where people have ended up in hospital only to find their insurance would not cover them I want to be sure this does not happen to me.

I was wondering whether I should take out insurance with a company specialising in my conditions as I don't usually do this. We are thinking about a week in Croatia. Has anybody been there?

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I have been to the UK, Canada and Mexico while under Doctor's care for PD. Luckily, nothing untoward has happened and I didn't require medical attention. I must check with my husband for the next part of this, because he recently took out insurance that will cover BOTH of us, getting us back home to the Settle area if a serious need arises. Never have traveled to Croatia, but will find an answer for you.


Court it is great in Croatia basic in places but on the whole you should have a fantastic time. My colleague bought a property out there so frequents it often. Parkers people would find it difficult to get medicine not unless it is big town so be wise and take extra , Enjoy your holiday


We had no trouble with the Parkinson's aspects of travel insurance, but we did have to look carefully for companies which would insure people whho had been treated for depression - also a part of Parkinson's in some. John is even covered for a bungey jump.

My advice is to take the time to phone them up and discuss your health and declare everything. What is it they say? "Prepare and Declare."


Holidays? I have Parkinson's:life's one long holiday.

Seriously we honeymooned in Croatia 40 years ago in a little old port called Porec. We stayed in the only hotel which was just finished. It is beautiful but very hilly.

I have no problem over holiday insurance re PD or depression. Bon voyage!!


Know what you mean about one long holiday - NOT.

My husband is not keen on Croatia, although I would love to go. Let battle commence! We will probably not go until September as we have a 3rd grandchild due at the end of July so do not have to make a final decision yet.

Have been looking at Porec. No longer a tiny fishing village but still looks nice.




Popped in to Dubrovnic on a cruise in September love it

We have booked a week next September just about 8 Kl from Dubrovnic.

Split is Lao lovely


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