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Watch alarms for Parkinson Medications


I take my PD medications right on time. To do that, I use the "alarms feature" of a Pebble watch which I got from MJFF for a Clinical Test that I participated in. The "alarm feature" has been extremely handy. The wristband is a "buckle" arrangement which is difficult to do and undo (for someone with PD). I really need a watch with an "expandable" wristband. For PD folks that need two, three or more "alarms" to handle medications over a 24 hour period, I have not been able to find a watch that can do more than 1 alarm in 24 hours. Since the pebble uses a vibrating method of alarm notification, a lot of juice is consumed (auditory less perhaps?) This necessitates "recharging the watch" relatively frequently, which is also inconvenient.

Anyone know of alarm watches that would meet these requirements? I'd also like a watch that, to be honest, looked a little less cheesy.

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I've looked everywhere. There's a huge market for the watch you described, but I don't think anyone has created the watch !

FMundo in reply to rrunk7

That's what I was thinking. A nice stainless steel model with 'chronometer' dial, something that looks attractive. I would think there would be a market there for those people who need medications not only for PD, but other maladies.

weekapaw in reply to rrunk7

see above. I Phones have a timer. buy an older one if money is an issue.


I use my iPhone. You can set as many alarms as you want in a 24 h period.My iPhone is always very close by me as it is my only phone.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Lovingly, Eva G:)

FMundo in reply to 12stargate

I have a smartphone, but I'm sure its got a alarm app as well. I need to give your idea some thought. Perhaps I need to start using the calendar and alarm capabilities on the phone. Right now I've only really considered my smartphone for texting, phone, email and navigation (GPS).... I'll give this some thought. Would have to be much more conscientious about keeping the phone on my person.

Shirleyam in reply to 12stargate

We use iPhone too. We have alarm set to a door bell. Easy to determine it from phone

I have an alarm watch from <>

They have three types, the mid-price one is called 'Vibrating watch' and can be set for up to 12 alarms a day, vibrate and/or audible. Nylon strap with Velcro fastening. Cost £45

It's a bit fiddly to set up, but I' vet been very happy with it.

Hidden in reply to M_rosew

What about charging, vibration uses up power . (ringing in ears makes beeping alarms useless ) does it have batteries that can be recharged and how often is it necessary ?

Thanks for posting this

M_rosew in reply to Hidden

You're welcome.

It's a digital watch with a battery. I started using it in September (ready for my trip to WPC), and it's still working now. The instructions make no prediction about how long the battery will last, but I'm hoping several months.

FMundo in reply to Hidden

GB, I think you have hit upon the major impediment. Vibrating or even auditory signals take up a lot of juice . . . more than is available in conventional watches. The Pebble has (as noted in picture) a recharge cable to USB port for computer. I'm afraid this "charging" requirement is holding back most watchmakers from doing this. Smartphone or IPhone so often is not with me, I can't really depend on that.

If you have the watch then you should have the Fox App with all the bells and whistles already. I don't even use my watch but to play with others blue tooth devices.

The company VibraLite makes exactly the watch you're looking for (except they don't get style points). It's easy to set up and vibrates for 40 seconds each time. Mine is set for 5 alerts each day. Google VibraLITE Mini 12-Alarm Vibrating Watch There are more out there that show up on the VibraLITE site.

Why is it so important to take the Parkinson's medications a day routine specific time interval. I have just started taking levodopa Carbidopa the yellow pill for the last 4 months. I am now up to 2 tablets of 25 / 100 capsules a day. what I find is that I am more tired after taking the pills than before. still experience extreme nausea and dizziness after about 1/2 hour of taking the pill. it does considerably reduced my tremor so I know that the PD diagnosis is correct. I just wonder why I have to take them at specific times. I understand that the medication addresses symptoms only and not the underlying disease. at the present time I wake up at 6 a.m. go out for my last walk for one and a half hours and then when I returned I take one tablet. I do need something of a carbohydrate nature just before and sometimes 15 minutes afterwards. my doctor wants me to get to taking 3 tablets a day. does anybody have any comments about this posting. I would much appreciate your input.

Hidden in reply to racerCP

Some people are taking 4 or 5 doses a day. There is a delay between taking a dose and that dose kicking in so you can not wait until you need the medication before you take it. If we wait until our memory is jogged by the PD coming back we know we are in for a bad 30 to 60 minutes. Remembering to take medication even after many years of routine is a problem for many for some reason that we do not understand. I take two tablets levodopa Carbidopa 3 times a day. It used to be 4 times a day, but exercise and willingness to accept a bit more shaking has allowed me to reduce it.

racerCP in reply to Hidden

But what if I don't feel symptoms especially when I awaken before vigorous exercise? I wait until about 9 am before I take my first pill and take the next one at 2 or 3 and go to sleep about 8 or 9 so by the end of the day I only have time for 2 pills. it must be OK because I have no tremor in the morning.

I use the clock widget on my Android phone. I almost always have it with me and I can set alarms that recur every day. I don't think I have missed a dose in about 2 years.

After looking high and low for a watch with an alarm system that would work I realized I always have my phone with me and have a good app on there, which is what I use now.

Me to use the iphone but i dont use the alarm but the count down system.

I have put it on 2.5 , almost 3 hour.

It doesnt matter when you get up in the morning , just press start and take the medisin and the same the next time the alarm set on and the next and the next.......

In this way you are the boss over time and not the opposite.

Happy christmas and a good new year

Taking pills 3 hrs apart is annoying, but like FMundo, "invention is the mother of of necessity." I've been using my I PHONE which has a timer . Only problem is either remembering to take the pills when it rings, or remembering to reset the alarm after I take the pills.

With the latest upgrade, when it rings off, there is a new button that says repeat. so I just need to take pills.

If you have a smart phone, you can set any amount of alarms ,because I use my phone t0 remind me of the times I need to take tablets

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