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Alarm Wrist Watch

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I need a wrist watch that has a minimum of 6 alarms that can be set for certain times , the same time every day, so I may know when it is time to take my medication. I will wear it 24 hrs a day.

I have tinnitus , a constant high pitch collection of noises like birds, people screaming , fire truck sirens, smoke alarms and an electric saw hitting a nail. I have great difficulty hearing the standard high pitch beeping of cheap modern watches. What I need is sounds and volume like you get in a cell phone ring.

It probably needs to be something designed specifically for that purpose, but I cant be the only person on this planet that needs it. I have found big pill dispenser boxes that have alarms but they had the high pitch beep and were too big to have with me all the time.

Is there any body who has found and uses such a thing ?

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No One

will bump it to the front one time

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Golferstill in reply to GymBag

Good morning,

2:42 and I’m up checking on stuff. I use my iPhone to set alarms 5 times a day for meds, if I miss a dose I stumble around like a drunk for an hour while I’m trying to get my meds to catch up. The iPhone alarm can be set and when it goes off it asked if you want to repeat or cancel. I just repeat, same bat time, same bat place, daily. You can put the phone in a case and wear in on your belt. The alarm can be set from a soft gurgle to a fire alarm. Try it, Mikey you’ll like it. On another note, this morning My bride and I were supposed to join 3 other couples on a trip to Costa Rica. Spent most of the week packing, and getting the required pre checkin stuff resolved to get on an airplane at 6:30 this morning. Take my meds + some sleeping pills go to bed early… My Buddy calls at 9:30 to report he tested positive for Covid!!! Trip cancelled, we’ll go next year, not likely my PD is advancing! I like the rebounder idea, how’s that going for you, may add one to my list of use it or die.

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MyGolf in reply to Golferstill

I use my Apple I watch. But don’t wear it to bed. But I think you could.

Something like this?

Edit: I think you are going to struggle to find something with a speaker as loud as a modern phone. There's not a lot of room in a watch case to put speakers, unlike modern phones. If you were to buy a watch that vibrated when the alarm went off, would that likely alert you?

That one I linked to is unavailable, but if you search Amazon for 'multiple alarm watch' other options will come up.

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GymBag in reply to kevowpd

yes I have looked at the Wobl watches on Amazon. The desciption of the watch features is exactly what I want. 8 alarms, vibrates and sound perfect. But scroll down to the reviews , stops working after a few days, impossible to get at battery to change it, not waterproof. "dont let a drop of rain land on it" never worked and so on.

Thanks but I do have a problem with things made in China.

If any one finds a watch like this made in USA , Canada, England , Brazil etc . please tell me

You could look into the Apple Watch. I believe it works like an iPhone which allows for multiple alarms and sounds. It also has a fall detection app.

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kevowpd in reply to Juliegrace

Only issue is that it needs frequent charging, which then presents the risk that you won't have it on (either because it's charging or because you forgot to put it back on) when you need the reminder.


There seems to be a few options available that have 8 alarm settings :


Another option is this cell phone app that seems to work well as a pill alarm/reminder.

You just have to keep your phone with you.


Art, Thats kinda my problem. You see I do not have a cell phone. My first cell phone had a pull out antena and it was one of the first as I traveled in my work. Many years later on the day I retired I threw my cell into the lake and never got another. Twenty years of peace.

I will look again at each watch in Amazon but , I think all had some Chrono alarms. You set every time for 30 min from now or an hour from now and not to alarm at 3:00 pm. I have been in every jewlery store and big box store ,spent a lot of time , nothing that I could hear and few with timers .

Thats why I say it has to be something designed for medical reminders

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chartist in reply to GymBag

Well, you can always get an inexpensive smart phone and not give the number to anyone and basically use it as your pill reminder with the appropriate app.

Or there is this, which is compact, has 8 reminder alarms, says it is essential for Parkinson's patients and is inexpensive at less than $20.


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chartist in reply to GymBag

And this one which seems to have high visibility and adjustable for hearing impaired and also with 8 alarms.


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GymBag in reply to chartist

I have owned Tabtime timers both with and without pill box attached . Perfect except I can not hear it.

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chartist in reply to GymBag

Will this help :


Google the Amazfit watch. Great value and best battery life in the market. My one last for up to 40 days on a single charge. I never miss my meds thanks to vibration alarm

I usean app on my iPhone (used the android:version too). The app that I found to be the most user-friendly is called Mr. Pillster. My family got me an iwatch for Christmas. The notifications do come through on the watch.

Love my Apple Watch. It taps the wrist as well. Also discovered the “fall detector “ works like magic!! I’d have preferred not to have tested that aspect of it, but it’s really efficient. Let everyone know and had I not been conscious, would have called ambulance. More info than you asked for but I’m a fan. Magnetic strap so easy to get on and off

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Physio70 in reply to Physio70

I have a stand that charges it overnight and acts as clock . Comes on if I tap bedside table

The exact reason I have a service dog. I couldn't hear the reminders or feel the vibration if I was active or in public but the dog always responds and alerts me, then pesters me until she sees the pills come out.Bonus points for a fabulous companion!

The Apple Watch rings and vibrates, and you can set as many alarms as you like. Also "snooze" setting so it reminds after a minte. Nothng like as loud as as an alarm clock

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GymBag in reply to Condor13

Can you make all the functions work by buttons on the watch or do you need a cell phone to set up and change.?

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Condor13 in reply to GymBag

To get all the features of the Apple Watch, you need to pair with an iPhone. But for just the Alarm, the Watch alone is fine. You can set as many alarms as you wish, to ring and or to vibrate on the wrist, and set to every day. I have mine set for every three hours, but starting half an hour before meal times, so the meds are taken on an empty stomach.

I think a Smart phone will do the same but you would need to be carrying it with you al the time. You do not need he latest, more expensive model watch, all of them have the alarm feature.

I was looking for something similar, but something that doesn't require superman vision and nimble fingers to set it. A simple nonelectronic windup pocket timer that vibrates when the time is up. The only ones I have seen go up to 60 minutes. If I can somehow adjust the tension so that it will run slower (150 min).......that might work.

My husband has a Smart Phone and it is used for the necessary alarms for medication time.

I use the Amazfit Bip S smartwatch. You can set multiple alarms, but I rarely on the vibration alert rather than a sound alarm. The watch tracks my steps, heartrate, and sleep also. I only have to charge it about every35-40 days. The backlight quit working after a year of use, but I can still read it in daylight, so won't until it totally dies. Most was less than $75 on Amazon. Other models are also available.

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GymBag in reply to JerryinSATX

yes I am looking at amazfit and /or Xiaomi (narrowed it down to those two )

The information describing the Amazfit did not mention alarms so am very thankful you did.

I have to do another check but it has come down to the Amazfit or the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Wristband . Both provide complete ability to set up and change settings without a cell phone involved and rated very high. Both are rechargable with out taking the back off and are water proof. One third to one quarter the price of apple and if I only get 12 months out of it I can throw away and get another

I saw some where that one of them is manufactured in United States but I cant find again.

The only negative is that both have wrist bands that generate the vibration . The band is too short and uses a very insecure method of closing the wrist ban so it does not fall off. too much analysis and not enough buying but that's my wifes job.

Thank you for you help

I use an app called MediSafe on my Android smartphone for reminders. I like it a lot.

I can set the number of announcements and the time between announcements if I don't take pills after the first announcement.

I am currently listening to Morgan Freeman. My wife got tired of hearing the Jewish mother nag me to take the meds. Each announcement gets a little more strident,

Logs are kept on the website, It will order refills and do other things.

My vintage Pebble watch vibrates but doesn't have a speaker, I like it because it lasts a week on a charge, and I can dictate replies to text messages.

Good luck!

Use a Smart watch such as an Apple Watch or the Galaxy Watch. They sync with you phone alarms and can have different rings/sounds you can try you see which is best for you. They also can vibrant in addition to ringing.

The are cheaper smart watches as well but can't speak to those since I haven't used them.

I dont have a phone. If I get a phone then I need a phone card and a telephone plan and then accces to internet and ....

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kevowpd in reply to GymBag

A modern phone is an unnecessarily complicated device to have a bunch of alarms go off at set times.

As an aside and not suggesting you are anything but with-it, but my personal experience with people who are more than 15y post dx is that they wouldn't have wanted to deal with a smart watch. Less is sometimes more.

I have been using a MiFit Band 5 for over a year. Very simple to set up, and you can make multiple alarms and the band vibrates, so not worried about not hearing it. I also have hearing loss and tinnitus, so the vibration is perfect for me, and it's just over 35$!!

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Wristband 1.1 inch Color Screen Miband with Magnetic Charging 11 Sports Modes Remote Camera Bluetooth 5.0 Global Version - Black

Kind regards


Would a smart watch like fit it give you what you need ?

I just use the reminder app on my iPhone for all my meds. And have set it up as an every day reminder. It is a harp sound! Works great for me!

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