Sinemet and Lexapro

Another wrinkle in the sinemet saga. Three months after my diagnosis and my starting on the Sinemet I started taking Lexapro, 10 milligrams a day. My PD presents with lots of anxiety and depression and pain and movement problems but not tremor. In looking back at my journal I realize things really started to change for me after I started the Lexapro. Before I started the Lexapro I talked a lot about how I needed to get out and do more and how alone I felt and depressed and anxious. The problem was it was very hard to get out and do more when I felt like that. So, thank goodness for Lexapro!

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  • Sounds so much like my story. Just add a couple of years or more and make it 200mg of sertraline. I have pain especially back pain and the only thing that helps that is Alprazolam or Xanax.

  • That is certainly good that you have something that helps your back pain. I get a muscle spasm right middle of my back when my meds wear off and it was one of the early symptoms I had before I got diagnosed.

    Xanax has been very helpful at times but I have to be careful because if I take it on a regular basis I get depression. We're all doing a balancing act.

  • I really did not occur to me but for years I had a spot between my shoulder blades that would drive me crazy. It is a short drive. The only thing I found to help was bench presses. The weight in the right place would help. I still keep the weights on the bench and if I need to get rid of that annoying spot I will press the weights until tired and that was the only thing that worked.

  • I just read about how to do bench presses and it makes perfect sense to me that that would help your back. I lie flat on my back when it gets really bad but I haven't lifted anything. I'll try using the cat, he weighs about 10 pounds.

  • You might need 2 cats.

  • Hahaha... what a kerfuffle that would be! Great distraction from the back pain.

  • I had the same mid back pain for several years prior to my diagnosis. Always thought I just had a bad back. Boy, was I wrong.

  • This is one of the things I love about this site. I didn't know other people had the pernicious back pain. I may try something like the bench press, I'll have to look that up, I don't know what it exactly. So far what helps is either sitting in a chair I can press my back against or if it's really bad lying down flat on my back and, of course, taking meds.

  • my helper is klonopin for anxiety and thank goodness for that and sinemet!

  • I use that, clonazepam, for my REM sleep disorder. .25 mg melt on the tongue. That way I don't wake up wrestling with my pillows or hitting anything.

  • When the .25 mg does not work they will increase the dose up to 2 mg. After a time your Doctor will probably take you off as you grow use to it. When that happens let me know, hopefully I will have answers then.

  • Mine is Citalopram 10mg for anxiety!

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