Shoes, socks and feet care for Parkinson


I don't think this topic has been discussed , if it has direct me to the posts please!

If you have Parkinson you know that good feet care, right socks, and best shoes are very important, especially if you exercise like I do !

But how do you decide on that, is there out there may be podiatrist who would guide us all? I have read a lot, attended conferences, lectures, summits , you name it for the past 5 years, BUT this topic was never on the board!!!!

Would you all share how you do it, with links, references advices, brand names and more? I am listening!! Thank you all .


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  • For me foot ware is everything. I don't mind (well yes I do) spending a couple of hundred for my shoes. The last thing I need is to be slowed down by tired feet.

  • Looking down, I see feet which are "earlier models" than most, mismatched, left foot high arched, right foot affected by both pes planus (flat foot) and plantar faciitis. They will probably never dance professionally or run marathons, but I agree that proper foot care of feet and footwear is a high priority, whether for the athlete or for the pwp who is trying to avoid shuffling Among the few things I have learned are:

    When buying socks, avoid those tall socks with very tight tops. They can limit circulation to feet and legs, especially in older or medically compromised athletes.

    When buying "casual" shoes, avoid those models with exaggerated tread patterns, those on which the edges of the sole form 90 degree angles. Also avoid casual shoes, such as open- toed sandals, in which the toe and heel are not tapered away. All the above can cause tripping and falls.

    Be cautious in selecting "over the counter" pads, supports etc. and Don't go barefoot!

  • When my tremor made toe-nail cutting a risky job, I found myself a Podiatrist. I visit her at regular intervals and she keeps my feet in good order for me.

    Sadly I can no longer manage high heels, and find shoes with laces or straps safer than slip-ons. Socks are usually smoother on the outside, so wearing them inside-out is less irritating for crampy feet.

  • As for the feet, I have a pedicure every 4 weeks. I can no longer do it for myself well enough for safety-I was frequently wounding my toes. In addition, after the evening bath I massage in to my insteps and ankles a sports creme that is for joint pains. Then I rub some Vicks over my entire foot and ankles and between the toes then put on a pair of wool socks. As for foot wear I wear boots that are over the ankles and have low heels for a stable, normal stance and supportive protection against sprains if I stumble.

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