Parkinsons & Amino Acids

Parkinsons & Amino Acids

Hi All,

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's a couple of years ago. A bit of investigating pointed me in the direction of Amino Acids. I tried self medicating for a year or so, while hunting for professional help. My NHS people were very supportive, although they had no idea what I was on about. :-) Eventually I found a doctor in the US who deals in this protocol. That was a year ago; I am now pretty much balanced, and healthy.

The consultations were on FaceTime. The protocol is at

We are fearfully and wonderfully made :-) (Psalm 139 v14)

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  • That is great! Just a note to mention to PwP's that have been on meds for awhile, I have a friend that tried the Amino Acid Therapy and they went the opposite direction. He had been on meds for 15 years. Sounds like a good therapy, but just be careful.

  • I didn't understand the protocol could u help? Thanks

  • Who was the Doctor?

  • I dont understand the protocol too can you please help where is this Doctor in USA how can I contact him

  • Hi guys, you all need the same info, so 1 reply should fit all.

    The protocol is written to doctors. They can read it, assess it, and implement it. The value to ourselves is that it shows the treatment is scientifically sound and not just a rumour or opinion. Upwards of 800 real people have tried it, and it seems to work. Still no guarantee, but is there ever?

    My doctor is Dr. Ron Cargioli, he has two websites :-

    Scroll down on the first page for a video on the first one which gives testimony of how he became involved with this treatment. The second one is his main one with contact details etc.

    Ron is a straightforward guy; what you see is what you get. He is honest and conscientious . I say this because there is a lump of cash involved, which requires a degree of trust. It's not a miracle cure; I still have Parkinsons, but Parkinsons doesn't have me.

    As far as I can tell, the disease is not progressing. The tremors are gone; there is indeed hope.

  • fearfully and wonderfully made, amen to that.'re saying that use of L-dopa can be extended if serotonin and other precursors are provided? that would be great.

    I didn't like meat much when I was younger, much younger, started eating a lot of meat when I moved to cold climate, maybe I don't have the enzymes that convert food to certain precursors of dopamine? I should try digestive enzymes or cut down on meat. be tested.

  • Hey HarleyBob,

    I have seen your Dr.'s videos and am familiar with the Hinz protocol. So much so that I have been at it for 6 months with another let's say... practitioner. It has not been a good experience but I am determined to see it through (though likely with another practitioner). Did you feel a steady progress or was it the 'light switch'?

    Right now, I am in a holding pattern using 11g of the D5 mucuna just before bedtime for sleep (plus b6, NR) (I do CR through the day too) I am on no other drug other than dietary supplements. Without the 11g of D5 at night I get restless leg and NO sleep (I can't do pill stops for 48 hrs.) When I did do a tyrosine/D5 formulation during the day it had little difference than taking nothing! So that is where I am at now.. Basically my issues are mostly gait and slowness on my right side. If you can share any insights or nuggets it would be greatly appreciated. Even what maintenance is like once you achieve balance.

    Thank you,

  • Hi Tryguy,

    Hooray! A fello Mucunar. Sorry your experience has been less than encouraging. No brownie points for our health care providers, putting us in this position in the first place.

    I went from D5 to 98% Mucuna as soon as it became available. Much cheaper, and less bulk.

    My experience was that the effect is proportional to the amount of LDopa. No light switch. Dr. Ron says this has been his experience.

    I had tremors on the left and curling left toes. We upped the M beyond curing the tremors to try and sort the curling. I developed a head bob from side to side. Still got it, don't know why. We reduced M to where the tremors were controlled. The toe curling has pretty much gone with time.

    Can pillstop and be 100% healthy for 48hrs. No head, toes, or anything, and more clearheaded than normal.

    I have 3 dozes per day, each slightly different, but basically as follows:-

    98% Mucuna. 2.2 G

    Tyrosene 1G

    Vitamin B6, and Folate


    Cys Replete

    These last two I get from Dr. Ron.

    The dozes are taken at 4 - 5 hour intervals. Would strongly urge you to get medical advice though, as were all different.

    Life is pretty good now. Slight head bob and occasional mild nausea; mild tremors if I'm really stressed, but controllable. Sleep fine, no constipation, love life is hard work, which is strange when overdosed on aphrodisiac. Can't understand folks taking this stuff for fun, but grateful they do, otherwise we would be sunk.

    I wish you well,

    God Bless, Peter

  • Hi Harley Bob

    Sounds like you have worked out your protocol at least for the present. I guess like those of us on conventional treatment it will need adjusting as time passes. Is this what you expect or is the treatment meant to arrest progression?

    I am interested that you got dyskinesia (head bobbing) as people have written mucuna doesnt cause dyskinesia but i had always believed it could.

  • My hope is that the progression will cease, but nobody really knows yet. So far so good.

    I believe that Mucuna and Levadopa are the same thing. Too much can cause diskonesia. It seems to be receding a bit.

  • Just wondering how we could get some doctors over here to start overseeing the Hinz Protocol, which would make it a somewhat cheaper therapy, now that the pound isn't so strong. I just put a post on LinkedIn, which is professionals networking website... surely some doctors here would be willing to start this??

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