Do what calls your name

Do what calls your name

May you have a good Sunday today!!

One thing that makes me feel well is to create something.

If I go to bed without having created something, I feel badly and sometimes wonder why I exist.

Whereas when I cook something, draw something, paint something, knit something...or create something I enjoy, I feel really well. I have a sense of well being, and I believe have more dopamine production going on.

Today I encourage you to create something, even if it is a stick figure.

What are your hobbies? If you feel Parkinson pulling you down, without hesitation, go and do what you love to do!!

Have the best Sunday!! Remember, without you, the world would be a sad place!

In loving kindness, Eva Gabrielle :)

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  • Today is Father's Day in the US. Enjoying a lazy day. Had a good time at my girls house yesterday.

  • Eva you said the perfect words and I SO needed to hear them on this day. As well as I'm able with my clattering claw, I'm going to produce a cartoon strip. Then I'm going to finish sewing myself some silk pajamas. Bless your heart, just thinking about it elevates my spirit! Ha ha! Yesss....

  • And BTW, what is that beautiful image that accompanied your post?

  • Beckey i bet your Silk pajamas are turning out well! You just keep doing things that lift your spirit.

    I enjoy gardening too, but it is hard to do a lot of yard work in this heat. But I figured I can keep my garden looking nice by pulling a few weeds every day .

    The same with cleaning. Clean a little here and there, now and then.

    Then my cleaning woman comes in and cleans Thouroughly every other week.

    I do mostly what keeps me happy.

    Stay creative!!!!

    Much love to you from Eva :)

  • Good morning, Eva. How is the bumped head doing? I totally agree with you about creating something every day. I make greeting cards and I am an avid baker and cook. Trying new things and creating things that make others happy keeps my spirits up. Have a great day! Peaches

  • I am a quilter and I just love it but I my hands can't manipulate the fabric anymore😩I don't know if this can get better through exercise? I miss my quilting buddies...

  • You must miss this terribly and I am sure your quilting buddies miss you too. Is there anyway you can still go to the quilting sessions for the companionship? Once there you might find that there are still plenty of things you can do. I find that if I am feeling down and trembly that a get together with my walking buddies (not necessarily for a walk) elevates my mood and calms the shakiness.

  • I love quilting too, and at this point I've got projects piling up. Amazingly, I can still thread a needle, but the actual quilting has to be undertaken in short increments. As the increments get shorter, the projects get longer! I only produce baby quilts these days.

    PJ makes a good suggestion -- can you join your quilting pals without quilting? Maybe you can do other tasks -- refill the thread spools or other supplies? Press the fabrics? I've always loved joining others, talking and working at the same time. It's so companionable.

  • Had PD for 7 yrs. now and struggle daily to keep my spirits up and exercising. I really needed to hear what you have to say about making something. If a person isn't creative they could just clean something or repair something to feel productive. I have been enjoying Zentangle (doodling) as my new art interest. Love it!

  • I have always loved making, repairing, or building things. I have built 3 drag racing cars, helped build a drag bike, my home (3,000 sq ft), a 1979 Corvette show car, a house for a friend of mine. i raced 1/8 scale remote controlled race cars for 20 years. They were about 18 inches long had 2 speed transmissions, disc brakes, 4 wheel independent suspension, and ran 65 mph, on a road course track about 250 feet long and 100 feet wide. It is hard to set around the house and watch tv or just do nothing. I enjoy writing and reading here it helps fill my day. Think i will go out side and enjoy the sun for a while. It is hot but is better than setting in the house. if you are out side tonight look south and you can see mars it is close to earth at this time and is very bright and red.

  • Good advice Eva!

  • Eva, I agree with you about creating things. Just the other night I read an article entitled "This is your brain on crafting" at:

    It mentioned dopamine, but not necessarily as it pertains to PD. Still, it's an interesting article.

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