lost question on supplements

while i was out of town, i got a request from a couple who wanted a cc of my husband's supplement spread sheet for Parkinson's. by the time i got home, the site had changed so much i couldn't find the couple in order to respond. are you out there, folks? dzim

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  • I am not that person, but I would VERY MUCH like to see the supplements your husband is taking.

  • I don't exactly know how to post it, especially as it is a spread sheet. That's what I was going to tell the couple who asked originally. However, I will be happy to email it to anyone interested.

  • It would be very nice of you if you email it to me,do you believe the can really help. I take some but I am not sure.



  • Please send a copy to flacat@bellsouth.net, thank you.

  • I would be interested since I believe in taking supplements and it would be interesting to compare. My email address is < dene1@rogers.com > Thanks so much!

  • supplements

  • if you want the list, you will have to give me your email address. i do not know how to load a spreadsheet onto this site.

  • I would like to review your husband's supplements. My e-mail address is jdkult@ att.net. Thank you.

  • I take some; but please send me what your husband takes, please let me know how it is helping him, so that I can update mine : ramanath.tarekere@gmail.com

  • Thank you please email : hanifab23@yahoo.com

  • Copy To: roncourtney@cox.net

  • you will have to give me your email address.

  • wander-4@hotmail.com

  • my email is mlg041mlg@hotmail.com

    Thank you, so very much!!!

  • It wasn't me either, but I would also be interested to see it. I give my husband quite a few supplements and it would be useful to compare notes.

  • See enjoysalud above msg.

  • Thanks. My email is superjanet@gmail.com

  • Otto would like a copy of the supplements..my email addr is marieboyd58@yahoo.co.nz

  • Yes, we are.... I was one of them. I give my husband so many supplements (when I can get him to take them!) But if I'm not around for any reason he hasn't a clue what to take, or when. 😊

  • What I do which has turned out to be helpful, is I use vitamin holder that are good for a week and fill the containers once a week. Because of the amount he takes, they are divided into 5 for his morning shake, 3 meals and before bed. He is working, so he can take these to work with him. Occasionally they get forgotten, but they get taken 90%+ of the time now.

  • Btw email is gerryandglen48@gmail.com

    Thanks very much.

  • I would love a copy too-thank you so much. Ammberm@aol.com

  • can i also get a copy? maybe you can just post ite here? if not , my email is galiamav@gmail.com

  • i wish i knew how to post it here. after a few corrections, it will be there...have to wait for my son to help me via gotomypc. the sheet is complicated in order to simplify the process but needs some updating. he will be back tonight.

  • thank you and sorry for the trouble!

  • I would like to see this list since I am taking some supplements,too

    Thank you .

    My email is blondku@gmail.com

  • Could you please send me a copy as well? My email is denise.alkharsa@gmail.com thank you!

  • Hello. Please email me a list also. My email is odessadear@yahoo.com. Thank you so much.

  • Please email me copy at clajac@comcast.net. Thank you!


  • I would also be interested. Thank you so much. Falcon946@yahoo.com

  • you must be busy wiht email. send on eo tme too. jwpoole75@yahoo.ca

    Thank you .jwp

  • dheitzer@comcast.net

    aren't you glad you volunteered.

    greatly appreciated.

    Interested to see if Ashwagndha is on your list.

  • If it is not too much of a bother could you add me to the list and send the list to datidejudge@yahoo.com---thanks for sharing with other P D sufferers

  • My husband has PD and takes many supplements. Would be very interested to be able to see your list. My email is billshirleymoore@gmail.com. Thank you for your time.

  • My e-mail is cshamblin1@tampabay.rr.com Thank you

  • I too would like a copy. My email address is horsplay77@gmail.com

  • Please send me a copy of the supplement list.

    Ty VM!!!


  • I would appreciate a copy. My email: babbishar@gmail.com

  • I would like a copy too! My email: cheryl@lloyd.ms Thanks!

  • If you're still willing to share the supplement list and how it works would be much appreciated. Rebtar@yahoo.com

  • I would really appreciate it if you could send the list and doses to my email too: mmroigplana@gmail.com

    Thank you very much.

  • Will do but out of town right now.

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