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my experiences

Ken Giuffre, MD from John's Hopkins ~

I am a doctor and have had Parkinson's disease for 7 years diagnosed and 12 years total. I made two campy video animations that describe my experiences through the character Dr. Marshall Davidson.

1. Early-onset Parkinson's Disease: One Man's Account

2. 10 key non-movement symptoms of Parkinson's that everybody ought to know about

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I liked , very informative. Some new facts I did not know. Also entertaining. Thanks doc. 


I was diagnosed 4 years ago. So thankful i only have some of these symptoms.  Very good. Thank you.


My husband was not diagnosed with Parkinsons until he was 72 .. He is 82 now and advanced .

We met in early our  twenties and he told me before we married that he would get nightmares and a poor sleeper . Had been more or less since a young boy . His mother and father use to shout at him to be quiet and get back in bed " fell down the stairs one time   .  They took him to their GP who told them his brain didn't switch off !!.

Once married I soon got use to it and I would  reach out and calm him . 

He worried most evening before he got into bed . We just lived with it ..

We all just get use to little things in our lives that might irritate you , you learn to live with it . 

Never able to stand in  queue , I though he was just impatient , he would easily get impatient ,  We just lived with it. . he wasn't and still isn't a nasty man and funnily enough at our first appt with the consultant he mentioned he had noticed himself how much more patient he had become.  I suppose that was the apathy had kicked it .  It had some for years but when things happen so gradually you dont notice it .you just live with it ,

Whenever he tried to anything with his hands ,  mending something , using a can opener .putting anything together  he found all that very hard . 

I use to tell him he was mechanically dyslexic .

He signed his post office saving s book and they wouldn't pay him out told him It wasn't the same signature.  He couldn't walk UP a slope unless he pushed himself ,  couldn't go slowly .

The only thing he ever complained about was  very painful shoulder or sciatica . 

All this was happening in our twenties    We just loved with it . I didn't know any different he had always been like it .

Other than the impatience and being an awful worrier he would also obsess . It wasn't a problem to me . I just for on with it 

He slowed down in his sixties and didn't want to mix as much , always had been very sociable .  He suddenly got anxious and  even afraid  . 

We are atill continuing  to live with it but it is very much harder now of course . 

Th signs had been wth us from the start but we didn't have an idea it was anything other than normal .   This is our normal now .



Nice to see you've lived , loved & stayed a team. Credit to both of you. 


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