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I'm been put on four and a half sinamet a day, not sure if I space them over 24 hours or the hours I'm most active during the day.

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Usually they are spaced through out the day when you are active. If you have trouble turning In bed you may need to take at bedtime too. It takes a bit of playing around with when you take your meds and how much to take to find what works best for you.



Good morning Palace69

A quick call to your pharmacy or your doctor should be your first thing to do.

I take 12.5 tablets of 25/100 sinamet I take 2.5 tablets at 5 am, 9 am, 11 am, 9 pm and 11 pm

This works for me

During your active hours sounds good to me.

Glad you can get by on a small dose (relative to me) i have always taken at least 8 tablets a day.

Good luck

I was not told either, by my neurologist, when to take the Sinemet. Eventually I found out that they should be spaced during the day when I was up and active, and yes, as was already said, at night if I needed it. I don't notice a lot of difference at night with turning over whether I take some or not. It's still hard to turn over. And get out of bed, also. I am 64 and often wonder what is Parkinson's and what is age? Pretty impossible to know, I think.

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Good morning Enidah

I am 62 (PWP 9 yrs) and can jump out of bed. My question for you is how active are you and how long have you had PD.

I ask you out of concern for you 64 is awful young to have those issues.

with respect


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Good morning , Donny. I'm very active; bike riding, hiking, Yoga, even a little jogging. I got diagnosed two and a half years ago but had symptoms for 3 years before that. I've always been very athletic and active. I grew up on a farm, very busy with chores and exploring the countryside and we were next to a river, so that was wonderful. We were also right next door to a large orchard that got sprayed with pesticides on a regular basis and our well was next to it also. That...not so good.

I also have a grandchild, a five-year-old boy, who keeps me very busy when I hang out with him. They are so much fun! Even if a little tiring.

In the morning, first thing, I feel a little like an old engine that's trying to turn over. I'm a little slow and shuffly for the first few minutes.

I do miss sleeping well. I always knew I was fortunate in that regard, never having insomnia. But, can't say that anymore. Seems like most of us, PwP, wake up early. If I don't get enough sleep at night I feel pretty awful the next day.

I enjoy your posts and feedback. Thank you.

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Please let me offer some advice.

I too was stiff in the mornings but now with the meds i take and the exercise i do rolling over or getting up is no problem. You seem to get plenty of exercise but you may need to add some that strengthen your core. You core muscles are the ones that help you move.

You can see by my post i have a very strong core. I just set a new personal best dead lift 395 lbs and a 305 lbs back squat.

All my best wishes to you and yours

Bailey (My true name)

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Thank you, Bailey. I think you are right. I need to find an exercise I don't mind doing that will strengthen my core. Maybe I will try Pilates again. I love to do things like the bike, hiking... things that keep me moving, but am not so patient with the mat work, Yoga, etc.

I take Sinemet CR (controlled release) after food, four times daily, as prescribed by my neurologist. Your schedule and dosage should be as required by your individual needs.

Thank's for feedback,I'm also on Neupro and azelect Neupro was reduced to increase sinamet. I've felt worse since the change, Palace69

I agree that you take them during your active day but have been advised to take them either an hour before food or an hour after. Evidently protein interferes with absorption. I take 4 x 125 mg Sinemet CR and one Azilect first thing. I couldn't tolerate Neupro - made me nauseous. I also don't find the last dose helps with turning in bed and I am very stiff when I get up in the morning. However exercise still seems the best thing to do to help oneself.

Please ask your neurologist. I was timing my meds wrong until my neuro corrected me.

Take 5 1/2 25/100 Senemet / day 1 1l2 at 5am, 11am. 5pm and 1 at 11pm. Fast one hour before and one hour after each administration.

Also take Requip 1g 6am 12noon. 6pm and Selegiine with food at 6am and 12 noon.


The big thing about taking levodopa medication is when you take it before or after eating. You must have at least 1 hour before or after eating when you take the medication. If the medication gets into the stomach when there is any protein there it will not get into the bloodstream or the Brain!


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