LDN drug with no side effects

thought this article was worth posting. can't say tht I have seen any posts about this. I am gearing up to try this, but for something different. As it turns , somhow there was some mis- information in my chart that talked about PD. but now that info is gone. I went to another neurologist and I asked her to take a look at this. mailtribune.com/apps/pbcs.d...

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  • So happy to see this post on Ldn. My own personal experience with this medication at 3.0 mgs at bedtime had been a miracle for me for a couple of conditions. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's a little more than a year ago. His neurologist, at our urging, agreed that it could do no harm and gave him a Rx. He started at o.5 mg, went up a half mg every week or two until he reached 4.5 mgs. He had no side effects from this. I did when starting, which is why he increased slowly.

    He has been taking for about 9-10 months now. His last visit to the Neuro was pretty amazing. She said she would not give him the same diagnosis today. He has been off all pd Meds for several months and is doing a lot better. I suspect that he probably still has pd, but that this has halted progression and made him feel much better. It will probably not work overnight or work for everyone, but when there is nothing to lose, no risk, why not give it a try. Do some research and don't exceed 4.5 mg dose.

    As for me, I take 3.0 because I have hashimoto's. Hashis is under good control now and I have no more peripheral neuropathy pain in my feet - been taking at least 4 years now , maybe more - hard to remember how long. It is an option that could help someone. Take it seriously!

  • And I am very thankful for your reply to my post! Thank you!

    I love writing about these kinds of experiences and will continue to post here! :) cheers, kattalina

  • I think we need to help get the word out on Ldn - so many people have had so much help for many problems by using it. Most doctors don't know about it or don't seen even interested in learning about it.

    My gratitude goes out to all those docs who take the time to learn and care and encourage Ldn as an option to their patients. glad to see your interest, too!

  • Yes if this goes "viral" on the net...it can happen. I already told 2 people about it. But sometimes people are just hesitant as doctors... if not MORE...they are too skeptical or whatever. I CAN'T wait til I get my dose..

  • Kattalina;

    How do you get your dose?

  • Hello. I am in the Chicago area so I am getting it from the compounder pharmacy.com. They will ship to you as well. They are a trusted source and been in business for years. Their location is aurora illinois.

  • Oops. It is just thecompounder.com. for the Web address.

  • There are posts regarding LDN on the HU site if my memory is correctly remembering. Along with the lack of side effects there were indeed no significant desirable efects either. I suppose that does allow for harmless consumption of large quantities.

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