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Wahls Protocol - anyone tried it?

Has anyone tried the Wahls Paleo Plus diet? There was a post a few months ago about The Wahls Protocol book but there hasn't been much response to it, I'm wondering whether anyone has tried that in the meantime?

I've started the diet about 6 weeks ago and I've noticed an improvement in energy and mood, although internal tremors still abound, so is the drop in BP etc. But I haven't yet moved onto the ketogenic stage, which apparently is the one that helps PD.

Anyone with any experience of it?

I also have lupus that affects my CNS so I'm never sure which symptom is caused by which. A protocol involving a diet and exercise that addresses both seems like a dream come true. I've learnt not to believe in miracles, though, so any positive experience with this would definitely make me want to continue.

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My wife (MS) and I (PD) have been on the Wahls' diet for 2 years. We both have experienced positive results energy and overall health (no GI problems, for example). We both are very wary of the third phase of the diet -- ketosis. There are down sides that are potentially dangerous. Also we have been following a regimen of regular exercise (core strength and aerobic) and are convinced that the diet/exercise combination has a significant effect on slowing progression of both illnesses.


Interesting. I really do not know what to do. I'm still in shock over the PD so I'm frantically trying to find something that will stop it in its tracks.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I agree that we have to be so careful with what we eat or not eat. Like with lupus, PD (or MS for that matter) makes you question everything and constantly think of the balancing risk v benefit.

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My wife and I have compared notes about "recommendations" for MS vs PD. The two common "upside" suggestions are diet (reduce/minimize toxins and maximize nutrition) and exercise (brain plasticity will enable rehab). There also is no down side (unlike some, more radical approaches). I'm not familiar with Lupus, but you may want see if the same suggestions apply. We are both also driven to minimize meds. We both have reduced them, for now, and enjoy fewer side effects.

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Yes, I want to come off meds gradually too. Lupus is an autoimmune disease like MS. So the same principles apply in respect of diet and exercise. I'm on CellCept (mycophenolate mofetil) and steroids at the moment (albeit the steroids are at low dose of 2.5mg per day). I'm desperate to get off all meds.

Thank you so very much for your input, much appreciated.


I'm just about to start on a very low carb diet to achieve ketosis. Different to Wahls but I see this state is a stage in both diets. I'm trying the low carb as I want to see if coconut oil improves its efficacy whilst on it. The CO on its own didn't seem to have much of an effect unfortunately.


Ooh, let us know how you get on with it please.


High doses CoQ10 won't cure but will retard progress of PD


That's good to know, thank you, I'll get some and start taking.


Hi Purpletop I have only been on it for a few weeks but already my thinking is clearer, I have more energy and motivation and I have lost some weight. Cheers xo


I haven't lost any weight yet - but I haven't been doing any exercise and I'm on steroids at the same time. I'm sure that once I start exercising the weight will drop off.


Just was the American College of Nutrition Symposium in Orlando where Dr. Wahl was one of the presenters. Awesome woman!

From my experience with introduction of Coconut Oil / MCT oil, the key is to start small and increase slowly so the digestive system can adjust.


I know, I'm currently at 1 tablespoon of coconut oil per day. Each time I increase by another tablespoon I get tummy problems. I just have to be more patient and increase by smaller amounts.


You are doing it right! Some need to increase slowly.


I tried the protocol after reading the book a year ego.

Before the book I was against the ketosis as anything strict which exclude entire food groups seemed to be too restrictive to be beneficial.

But the book suggested hope which was contagious!

I was first on the stage two for two months and felt slightly better and then proceeded to ketogenic stage for about 6 weeks .I checked if I was still in ketosis every morning and was very enthusiastic about improving my symptoms. Unfortunately it didn't work for me: I was progressively feeling weaker and weaker and finely stopped. Since then haven't recovered to the pre-diet condition.

I am going to the gym daily, taking Azilect only and follow Janice Walton program for PD now- seems to be more beneficial for me.

Perhaps the Wahls Paleo Plus diet works better for MS?

We are all different so we need to experiment to see what works for us. On the other hand experimenting could have an adverse effect which would be felt for a long time.

However when I read positive, inspirational books and, work on my PD, I feel empowered and this is definitely beneficial.




Very interesting, thank you for taking the time to respond. I agree that we are all different in how we respond to diet plans and drugs etc. It's not right that you haven't recovered the shape pre-diet, have you discussed this with your neuro?

I admire you for going to the gym every day - I used to go twice a week but haven't been for the past 3 months, I need to restart that. How do you keep yourself motivated to go, please?


Dear Purpletop.

I just decided that going to the gym every day is my job.

When I was working (2 years ego got a redundancy), I didn't think in the morning whether I was in the mode to go or not.

That's the least I can do for myself and my husband.

As a bonus I am not depressed and respect myself for commitment.

And feel empowered.

Two hours a day in the gym is not a big price for all these benefits.

Regarding the discussion with my neuro: all he does is listening plus suggesting drugs that I am not ready to start yet.

At that he is one of the best neurologistss in my city.


Raissakagan, about three years ago when I was just newly diagnosed and taking Sinemet, I ran across the Janice Walton program for PD and was fascinated by what I read. However, she stated on her site that she wouldn't work with anyone who had been taking PD meds for more than a couple of weeks. As I had been taking them for about 3 months, I didn't pursue her program any further. You are the first person I've heard mention it on the forums. Can you tell us how you participate in her program? Do you get/do the foot treatments? Do you work with the thought pattern changes? You said you take Azilect. How does that square with her program? Have you ever taken Sinemet? How long have you had PD? Can a person participate in her program with going to see her personally? How has it benefited you? So many questions! Thanks.


Dear HeartSong,

sorry for the delay-I posted a reply a few days ego but for some reason was not recorded.

I have been diagnosed 7 years ego at the age of 50.

Luckily my job had a gym so I started to exercise daily 8 years before PD. manifested.

Perhaps gym explains the mild progression of my PD-I don't take any meds except Azilect which I took 2 years ego on recommendation from John Pepper.( when started didn't notice any difference inPD whatsoever)

9 months ego I found on line the Janice Walton program for PD.

It gave me hope to recover and I trusted her and found her observations of PD character very true.

I hesitated when I read her warning abut medication and tried to get off Azilect.

Unfortunately 6-7 weeks later I developed high painful tonus of muscles on right affected side and after some struggle came back to it, defeated.

I decided to proceed with the Janice Walton program anyway. FSR ( very similar to Reiki) and Positive thinking can't be harmful I decided. I wanted to recover-badly.

My husband gives me FSR on the right foot every day for last 6 months. I done CBT as Janice recommended and do her mental reconditioning exercises daily on top of meditations and affirmations..

The results? Unfortunately it is very difficult to say if the results are recovery symptoms or PD progress induced.

I will better share what I noticed:

•circulation in the leg s is better, dystonia in the foot almost gone

•flexibility is down- twice a week I do yoga and there is no doubt

•arms and especially are weaker- again body pump classes prove it

•I can force walk on treadmill with no stop for an hour (6 km)- a progress

•fine motor skills are down.

•more difficult to get up from armchair plus balance is slightly worse.

I read Yahoo Janice's program related site posts about people who are stuck in weakness stage for years-I won't be so patient if it comes to it.

However I do what I can and keep faith in the program by reading Janice's books daily.

I know faith in recovery is one of the most important ingredients for succuss,

Look, I have PD for more than 7 years and stay away from being Leva "dopped: -that is quite an achievement and I am proud of it. I put a lot of efforts in staying positive no matter what.

I trust Janice- I read in a few posts that she is honest and genuine.

Please let me know if I answered your questions.

Good luck in your journey to health,



Thanks, Raissakagan. I'm interested in your statement that your foot dystonia is almost gone. Do you think that is a result of you performing Janice's method of holding the foot?

Do you know if person can learn from their home (without traveling to meet with Janice) how to use her program on themselves?

Thanks again.


Purpletop I started it about one week ago, and my digestion has improved.

Are you still doing it?

Hugs, Eva G. :)


I've been pretty good for an year but then my health got worse and I wasn't able to do all that chopping and cooking from scratch. But my lupus improved a lot thanks to it, so I'm re-starting it next week. Good luck with it. Keep an eye on the salt, as the diet deals with food from scratch and low salt, it may impact on your blood pressure. It put me into a POTS flare, so now I have to eat loads of salt.


This is the 7th month that I have been on Wahls paleo plus diet. I only take eldepryl & many supplements from my functional doctor. The tremor in my arm is almost completely gone. I will live on this diet the rest of my life. I am a true believer.


Please tell me about supplements and functional doctor


me too...I am looking at it as a lifestyle change with no end. I feel extreme fatigue if I eat any grains now. I used to feel extreme fatigue for the last 3 years....I had no idea grains were having such an affect on me, until I went without. No going back.

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