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I attended a talk given by John Pepper last week in Richmond. It would be interesting to know what others thought. For my part I was most impressed. On outward appearance at least he would put most 80 year olds to shame. I understand that fast walking wouldn't or couldn't be a form of therapy for everyone but it's certainly worth a try if you can. Am now adding fast walking over uneven ground to my exercise regime (if I can without tripping over!)

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  • I would love to hear John talk!!

  • Hey John how about bunging something from your presentations on youtube ?

  • When John was in the UK, he and I walked on a tarmacadam path which twisted and turned as paths do but which was not unduly 'uneven'. He said it was demanding enough for the brain. I'm worried about your choosing a path so uneven you trip!

  • So he advocates walking on uneven and irregular pathways?

  • No, a normal pathway is demanding enough

  • My husband who has Parkinson's and I also attended a talk given by Jon Pepper last week. We were also very impressed both by him and what he had to say. My husband thought walking impossible due to severe back and leg pain, consequently earlier this year we invested in a wheelchair. However, since Jon's inspirational talk, my husband has managed, with my help, an 8 minute walk most days. It's not much but at least it's a start, and we hope to be able to increase this little by little over time.

  • that's great

    never know until you try

    check out my post i think you will be amazed what we can do if we try

    just do it is a great motto to live by

    live your life to the fullest

  • Brilliant. John Pepper is obviously an inspirational speaker. The bee in my bonnet is that upon diagnosis and the meds.established PWP's do not get rehab which is particularly necessary if the diagnosis was a long time coming and your function has deteriorated to the point where bad habits (for want of a better description) have become ingrained.

  • This is fantastic. Do email John and tell him. He'd be so pleased. I wonder which talk you were at. I was at the first two. John's determination to get round every problem is so inspiring. I do hope your husband feels the benefit of moving more which will then motivate him to continue. Good luck.

  • We were at the Ashford, Surrey venue. Will definitely email John if I can find his contact details! I hope hubby feels the benefit of moving more but at the moment it's very difficult for him - I hope that he doesn't 'give in'. Thanks for your encouragement.

  • His email address is in his book. and his website.

    Keep telling your husband he looks better, is standing better etc. I renew my motivation when people reaffirm things like that.

  • No, I don't think so as we only tried walking a couple of days after the talk, not whilst we were there.

  • keep us advised of progress

  • Will do RoyProp - hopefully it will be positive!

  • Hi glenandgerry

    I can't tell you what a smile it put on my face to read your post.

    I am a 76 year old lady and am convinced that Nordic Walking Technique (with two poles) has done a lot for me. I was lucky to be dx. quite quickly so as I was already a keen rambler I was able to increase my level of exercise straight away.

    Just as an example of how the whole climate of opinion on exercise has changed, hen I went to the local gymn six years ago they didn't want to know because of my PD even though I had only just been diagnosed. Now the whole climate has changed. You can get referral from a GP see to a local gymn with reduced fees and there are qualifications for Gymn staff to deal with several long term conditions as well as obesity and general unfitness. Not that I am suggesting a gymn for you at this stage and indeed I myself find the gymn rather boring.

    The wheelchair is useful if it enables you to venture further afield and get the mental stimulation we all need. Think of it as an aid to a fuller life rather than giving in but keep up the walking. If nothing else it shifts the body's position .

    Best wishes

  • Thanks Paddyfields.

    The exercise referral scheme link looks very interesting. Will definitely look at pursuing that.

    My hubby is 61, been diagnosed 10 years but due to arthritis has unfortunately been immobile for quite some time. He's had two total knee joint replacements, as well as problems with his back, shoulders and feet. So 8 minutes walking is the maximum he can cope with at the moment. As for me......I'm a gym junkie - I absolutely love it.

    You are right about the wheelchair, it does enable us to venture further afield and we do think of it as an aid rather than giving up and using it all the time.

  • I walk everyday doesn't help, I stilll have the same amt of bad days, what have you say John? Did you see him in Richmond , VA in the states?

  • Is John's program just aabout walking?

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