Dizzy still

Dizzy still

Dear friends;

I have not been here for a few weeks.

I am working on what is causing the dizzyness.

I hope you are doing well.

Yesterday I was so depressed and angry, that I laid in bed eating cookies and trying to watch Netflix.

Then my laptop would not work :(

I was not doing the right thing.

So I got up and stomped around for the rest of the day.

Today I just going to watch myself and try not to fix anything,

just being mindful.

Big hugs, from Eva

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  • "I am working on what is causing the dizzyness." You don't suppose it could be that red heart image causing you dizzy spells?

    When standing up? They have a name for it that I do not remember.

    Altitude combined with COPD or low oxygen could be the cause.

    If it continues, have it checked.

  • Thanks! RoyProp

    I do live at a fairly high altitude. That could have something to do with it!!

  • Maybe orthostatic hypotension?

  • I assume you have taken this to the doctor but did she/he check your blood pressure sitting and standing? Orthostatic hypotension is tested that way.

  • Maybe low BP

  • 12stargate....forgive yourself for staying in bed and eating cookies...every day is new and you are a new person. Choose a goal for the day, a doable goal and get to the next and next. You are always the cheerful cheerleader so get with it and smile and rejoice for whatever good that day brings.

  • Glad you got up and "stomped around" for the day! Great exercise? :) Better than being in bed, anyway!

    Bless you and I hope you find the answer to your dizziness.

  • I agree with u Allyn🙏🏻👍🏽

  • Hi 12stargate. How are you feeling? Are you still feeling dizzy? I miss seeing your posts, hope you are feeling more chipper.

    Take care!


  • Hi Eva, I hope your dizziness disappears soon! Winter is on the way with ice and snow, not a good combo with dizziness. Feel better! Hugs, llwwd

  • llwwd

    Thanks for checking in. Since cutting back on my medication the dizziness is much better and I am so relieved. How are you doing?

    Hugs and love from Eva

  • I'm doing well. Just taking things one day at a time.

    Hugs, llwwd

  • llwwd

    One day at a time is the only way to go :)

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