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Is he on Sinemet?

i was on Sinemet and researched how the carbidopa depletes B6 which isnecessary for

many metabolics, thats why people loose weight. I lost 65 # and started taking mega doses

of B6, much better, and starting to gain weight, and my tremors are getting better, alot better,

considering this is the major symptom I have. I also supplement with Mucuna P. so I don't have

to take so much Sinemet. I take 100 mg/day but i have heard of folks taking much more.

Hope it helps, and God Bless

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I gave my husband 2 Shaklee B Complex capsules every day. He could tell the difference when he missed a dose.


My husband has had two B-12 shots....they were a real boost, although they only last about a week. I had supplimented with 2 1000 MCG B-12 with folic acid but he got a rash...I think the shot was still working, so backed off the suppliment. With the shot 3 weeks ago today I see a need for the B really does work...just be careful with folic more than 1200 MCG a day...

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Suggest you get a knowledgable doc to advise you on b6. You are right that it is depleted but too much can cause irreversible nerve damage.

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Thank you for the infor

please tell what brand of Macuna and how many B6 do you take

are you taking sinemet I take 2.5 tablets 3 times a day 25/100

but I do not feel good too tired to do aything so much pain and muscle stiffness

seeing a chiropractor he does lazer treatment twice a week little releife

getting very frustrated as I can not do much

any information will help


Handfab you are under the care of a movement disorder specialist.? Currently you are taking three big doses of Sinimet (l dopa) in 24 hrs, a more popular way is to take smaller doses more frequently so it keeps the levels in your body steady - hopefully. Would be worth discussing with your MD. if you take Macuna you are adding more of Ldopa in a different form.


Thank you Hikoi

I take one tablet at 9.00am second one around 1.00pm and sometimes i take one at 5.00pm I dont like the sinemet thats why i am looking into alternative natural therapy


Handfab - I live in the uk and I order Mucuna capsules from Natural Herbal Health on Amazon. I also use Zandopa which is available on Amazon but is cheaper from a number of suppliers on eBay for the exact same product. This isn't an endorsement, just information. I'm not on any medication yet except for aziclet. I have a slight tremor (more of a twitch actually) and a lot of stiffness. In the morning I use painkillers for the stiffness so I can get going. I go to the gym and do yoga which helps the stiffness but also with that 'I can't be bothered' feeling. Some days I positively have to drag myself there but I'm never sorry I did. I work within my own limitations.

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Thank you Stevie3


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