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It's 5 months since I underwent this procedure. I was programmed by my local neuro with some good results. However at my last visit she stated that I was doing great and should wait 8 weeks for follow up. I described my off times as increasing and my gait pretty poor from 6-9pm as dismally slow. She respoended that it takes time and if I dont like her position I should go back to OregonScience and Health University... which I promptly scheduled.

One week after programming by their guru I have had 90% improvement in just about everything from sleep to speaking! I was instructed in how I can adjust the unit but currently have no need to. I can feel my strengthening efforts of motor unit recruitment in the gym where as before I always felt that I was just beating a dead horse. Now I'm looking forward to neuroplastic improvements .... If you're considering it, don't wait too long.

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  • Note how one fellow was able to 'fine tune' his electrode placement:

  • Wish I could get mine sorted. Can't convince the doctor's im worse than before the op . it's such a wasre having the surgery.

  • You should not have to convince any one anything, if your are worse you are the only one who knows this. Find dbs nuero that can adjust your machine properly, I found when a doctor wanted me to convince them anything they didn't not have my best interest in on my path to living with Parkinson. I went to a movement and disorder clinic where they specialize in Pd etc. It was the best thing I could have ever done for my self, you must look after you, doctors get paid for providing a service, if this doctor needs you to convince him or her then move on or discuss the situation with a head of dept. or other words go over their head

  • These videos were great! How long does dbs last?

  • The rest of your life

  • Thank you you are right I do need to find some one to sort me out

    Going to see my GP this week and get sorted

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