Contrdicting information

Contrdicting information

Feeling a little flustered this morning about all the contradicting information I read.

Caffeing is good for 'parkies', but it will interrupt sleep.

Some of the medications we take that help our symptoms, may also interfer with our sleep.

This is good but read with good info about sleeping well:

I get that next to exercise, getting good sleep is the most important thing we can do for ourself.

For PDs and everyone else.

I am really 'working on' my sleep. What can I do throughout the day that promotes good sleep?

If you are having sleep problems, you may find the above article very interesting and helpful.

I also downloaded an app on my iPhone that measures sleep. And the iPhone is enough. You don't need a writstband too. Just the app. Mine is called "Sleep cycle" and costs at the most $2.99.

I am also working on getting enough walking in.

But that is for another post.

Please enjoy your day!!


Hugs and love from Eva G.

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  • Not a good link? Just took me to email...

  • Sorry about that grower :(

  • I reside in the States. My information is that PD in itself does mess up sleep. For example, I have REM Sleep Disorder. A thought from your Post. You mentioned that it is said that caffeine is helpful for PD, and another that caffeine disturbs sleep.

    I wonder if both references are for the same population? Some times it is a trade off for PwP, the help for PD of more benefit than any sleep disturbance which is contributed to my PD any way.


  • Yes, Bill, there is so much info out there. We just have to use our own wits and those of the people on this site and doctore, to sifer out what works and what does not!

    The app on iPhone called Sleep Cycle is really helping me in tracking sleep, and how i can better prepare for sleep.

    Good night.

    Love from Eva


  • Thanks

  • I guess you only have coffee in the morning so that by evening the caffeine has worn off?

  • Exactly Bitsy!

    I read an article that said it takes caffein 5 h to get out of the system.

    I just drink mine in the morning. Then I am safe.

    Love, Eva


  • I tend to do this i.e. 2 strong cups of espresso coffee 4 breakfast then that is it for my caffeine for the day and it does not affect my ability to sleep esp; as i have a couple of glasses of red wine for the consitpation probs which goes with the PSP (which i have )

    google it if you do not know what it is ,..

    lol jill


    ps i am in the UK but i guess you are in the US of A!

  • I know what you mean. There is a lot of conflicting information available. I guess you have to find one that suits you. I have been looking at the times I take my meds and, with the help of my Consultant altered tablet times. I take one Requip a day and find it works better when I take it last thing at night. Whereas another person finds it suits them to take it in the morning. It really is a matter of trial and error.


  • Sue, I am going to try Requip at night.

    Love, Eva


  • I have finally been sleeping great( Sorry ) I had a rough patch after my husband died but I found that not napping during the day and going to bed at a set time each night helps AND no TV in the bedroom, you train the brain to think bed , sleep, instead of bed, TV time. My neuro suggest 3 cups pf coffee daily, it really helped me, and I don't stay awake at night from it but I don't coffee to late in the day either. hugs & love back to you, I have an ortho app. today to see about a knee replacement. since I walk so well already please lets replace my knee LOL take care p.s lavendar oil helps you sleep

  • Thank You Kadie!!

    Let me know how it goes at the doctor today?

  • I have a knee replacement set for the last week of December, if I can find some care for 10 days in my home or I will be nursing home bound, But first things first finances & housing adjustment are huge since husband past away I lost 1900.00 in income. Poof!!

  • I sure hope you can get help in your home!

    Hugs, Eva


  • Thanks what I need now is prayer for wisdom & answers.

    Such a mess on top of having PD. I have been down a long road and always God took care of me, it s just hard to see how right now.

  • Oh Katie, this must be tough!!

    I also Know God will take care of you!!

    One day at a time, one step at a time, He will show you the way! I will Know this for you!

    Just go slow, in your mind, and everything will work out brilliantly.

    Hugs and love from Eva G.


  • I'll be praying for you Kadie.

  • Thanks nothing earth shattering to report but it would be nice if God would send email then I would know what to do.

  • Dear Katie;

    The guidance will come.

    Hugs and love, Eva G


  • Talk to your RX supplier (Pharmacist) for scheduling and order of taking RX. I get better sleep since I removed clock in bedroom.

  • Landman;

    That has helped me too:)

  • My post BY THE BOOK is an answer to this post. The only way I could include the chart.

  • Hi Eva

    Since being diagnosed 7 mths ago i think the most frustrating thing has been contradictory information. Or out dated information. Or incomplete information.

    That is why i like this site so much. PWP sharing actual experiences, what works for them, what doesn't. Some PWP are very educated re their PD and offer valuable insight also.



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