I Can't Go Out!

Don't look at me

I feel so fat

My hairs a mess

and I've stepped on my cat.

My nails need filing

My pants are too tight

My bra straps keep falling

and my eyebrows are a sight.

It's just not possible

To leave the house today

It would take a team of experts

to get me on my way.

My shoes are scuffed

There's a pimple on my chin

I can't find my car keys

and I could use a sip of Gin.

I've scheduled an appointment

Where did I put my purse?

The toilets overflowing

It couldn't get much worse.

I think I'll stay in today

close the shades and grab a book

I'll catch up on my reading

and let the world off the hook.

We have all had days like this!


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  • Boy, do I relate to this, JupiterJane! So funny and so true!! Thanks for making my very true situation into a laugh!


  • Thank You! Sometimes you need a break from the world.

  • That's great thanks for a goof laugh

  • Laughter is healthy!

  • Thanks, I relate to your poem a lot, and I don't have PD. I don't have a cat either, it would be more to the effect I stumbled over my cloths on the floor, but that wouldn't be as funny. Thanks for sharing and making my day start with a smile!

    You have a talent to be thankful for. Please post again soon.

  • Thanks for the kind words. Appreciate it!

  • My hubby is one with PD and I am primary caregiver,but I have epilepsy and APS and can relate so very much.Hoping n0w that weather improves I can get it together.Cannot rememberlast time I had makeup on.

  • I'm looking forward to the warmer weather myself!

  • My friends all look at me

    I feel like such a prat

    the table chair and floor's a mess

    There's food where I just sat

    My nails and hammer's on the ground

    My pants really look a sight

    My suspenders hold the waste too high

    Under shorts are much too tight

    It may be possible today to actually get outside

    I'd leave the house and be on my way

    If someone would provide a ride

    For fixed income means I can not pay

    My shoes are comfortable runners

    I have not run in years

    I do not need car keys anymore you see

    So I can have some beers

    My wife schedules my appointments

    My wallets in her purse

    Six days to install our new toilet

    this can not possibly get worse

    I stayed home yesterday and the day before

    did not shower or shave, kind of gringy look

    My daughter did a snap inspection

    So now I do things by the book

    Yes Jupiter Jane we have all had days like this!

    The mans perspective


  • Nice to hear a man's point of view.

  • Definately relate, juniper jane! Loved it!!

  • Thanks!

  • ha ha brilliant Jupiter jane and gymbag.....put a big grin on my face thanks....

  • Glad it made you smile!

  • Thanks to you both. Something light for a change. It puts everything into perspective. A smile is much better than a frown, especially when it is shared with others. We are not alone.

  • Sometimes it good to laugh at yourself.

  • Believe me I do. People respond better to laughter than to tears. I, like others, adapt my life as it changes all the time. It certainly keeps me on my toes.

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