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Thiamine HCL 500 mg seems to be out everywhere?

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Seriously, I've looked at all of the sources listed on the Thiamine HDT pages and they are all out of stock!?

I can find bulk sources. I guess I could buy a capsule maker? Any other ideas? I sent a message to Erniediaz but he's no longer selling it. I guess I'll get the bulk and figure it out from there.

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I think Solgar tablets are available.

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Thanks. But no. Click on "Buy Online" and the next page says it's unavailable.

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jimcaster in reply to JAS9

Sorry. I should have actually clicked it. 😊

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Wow! Buy one get 2 free? 600 x 500mg for $17? Wow.

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Is that good quality. Seems too good to be free?

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Vt11 says it's real (see below).

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There's some concern that this company might not be the most reliable when it comes to delivering what its labeling promises. Of course, this doesn't prove anything. Just a heads-up to be careful.

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Thank you. A member of my Facebook group page reported their order has yet to be filled.

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I really like the Dr. Clark Store brand on Amazon.

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Thanks, 1LittleWillow. The other one seemed too good to be true. Maybe that's just me though.

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I bought powder at

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JAS9 in reply to reedboat2

I'm thinking about it just to help ensure I don't run out again. How are you dealing with ingesting all that powder? Do you blend it into a smoothie or mix it in with fruit juice?

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reedboat2 in reply to JAS9

1/4 tsp in fruit juice, NP

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There may be shortages of thiamine on the market, but it will never fail because it is used in large quantities in the production of beer and wine. 😁

"FEATURES Yeast growth factor

Thiamine, or vitamin B1, is an indispensable growth factor for yeasts. Added with yeasts, it improves the start of fermentation and limits the risks of fermentation arrest. "

you can always ask your local brewery (ironic) 😁

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When I can't get the Vitacost capsules, I get the Swanson brand (they only come in 100 mg)

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JAS9 in reply to Vt11

Thanks. This is the same brand mentioned by RoyProp above. See his link to their site, where they have a buy one get two free deal going on. Is it real or too good?

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its being used to treat covid...

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It is real. I’ve been using it for some time. Seems to be good quality.

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Since I ran out of vitacost and using Now brand 100s, my wife tells me my pee is not as toxic, even taking 40 pills/day (4 grams). On the other end, the tablets taste horrible compared to VC capsules.

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in stock at

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