My balance was the first symptom and now I would say I feel a little "dizzy" all the time. It may be my imagination, but I can see or even "feel" how the dizziness might be connected to lack of concentration, confusion, and irritability. Sometimes lack of sleep and lack of food makes it worse. Do you have dizziness? Do you feel like it affects emotions like irritability?

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  • Are you staying hydrated? It is very easy to become dehydrated and then experience the dizziness. Also have someone check you for orthostatic hypotension. Take your blood pressure while you are lying down, get up and take it again. If there is a big drop in your pressure you need to tell your doctor.

    Dehydration will effect your entire body and how you feel so make sure you are drinking enough water everyday. Has your blood sugar level been checked lately or are you diabetic? You can have the same symptoms with low blood sugar levels.

  • I'm always dizzy, even after drinking a lot of water. After heavy exercising, it seems to sometimes go away, so I think it might have to do with lack of oxygen. My blood pressure is probably higher then which is another way of getting more oxygen to the brain. After exercising is when I'm dehydrated the most. My blood pressure has always been on the low side, but does not change when I stand up or anything like that. I just tried being in an upside down position and it seems to have helped, so this could be important information for me. I've tried hyperventilating on occasion, and it may have helped. So in my case it could be a lack of oxygen to the brain from low blood pressure or arteriosclerosis that is causing PD-like symptoms, even finger tremor. I mean the combination of low blood pressure and increasing arterial plaque could be reducing the amount of oxygen getting up there. They say Parkinson's can cause low blood pressure, but that may be only upon standing and I would not be surprised if persistent low blood pressure could cause Parkinson's or make it worse (killing neurons from lack of oxygen). It can progress rapidly and they say the a-Syn seems to spread, but it might be that PD cause depressed breathing and/or lower blood pressure that results in lower oxygen that makes the PD worse (feedback where "PD makes PD worse"). My blood pressure has always been about 107/63 with the "63" being in the "potentially low" range. I just walked around and then sat down and it dropped to 95/55. I'll try ephedrine, ma haung, and salt to raise my blood pressure and do a few more tests of being upside down and hyperventilating. Diabetes/hypoglycemia can also cause low blood pressure and I do feel worse the day after if I eat too much sugar. I am doing research as I type this and I see hypotension 5 years before diagnosis of PD was second only to tremor in predicting PD, but that abstract does not say if the was baseline hypotension or orthostatic hypotension. There is an assumption that, like tremor, the hypotension is an early sign, but like I'm saying it could be a cause of PD-like symptoms (or PD) that is diagnosed as PD since PD diagnosis (from what I can tell) is not strictly determinable until an autopsy after death or certain high tech MRI to see the SN. Again, it has taken me about an hour to research this and tending to children and I feel a lot better from being upside down for 10 minutes about an hour ago. It would be great if all I have to do to get a good night's sleep and not waking up so dizzy and confused is to sleep on a bed placed at a 20 degree angle with my head down. As I've posted before, CPAP and HBO therapy have been shown to improve PD symptoms and sleeping at an angle may be a third way of getting more oxygen to the brain to decrease symptoms if not slow the progression.

  • Your dizziness is very much related to BP from what you write.

    The BP problems are connected to autonomic nervous system problems caused by PD. All too complicated for me to follow but neurotransmitter problems I guess.

    they are now talking of constipation, loss of smell and sleep disorders as early signs of PD.

  • Tell me. how does one sleep at an angle?

    Thank you:)

  • I raised the foot of the bed with chairs.  I wasn't able to sleep very good at all.  I bought "hang ups" for hanging upside down from a secure bar 3 minutes in morning and 3 minutes at night, which seems to help more than an hour turned nearly upside on my couch.  I've had a lost of progress in the past 6 months, which is why you don't see me here anymore.  Hanging upside down is on my list of about 3 or 4 things that have been the primary cause of the benefit.  The others are: exercise, nilotinib, nicotine, and not drinking alcohol and eating an apple every day.  My case my not be PD, but PD-like from an old inner ear rupture in the cochlea than could be leaking fluid into the brain cavity.  There's no treatment for it.  That could, with some imagination, explain all my symptoms (balance, minor tremor, anxiety, dizziness, lack of sleep from pain in the head), but not for loss of smell.  I've pretty much stopped everything except exercise, nilotinib, nicotine, and apples.  Coffee is a given, 1/4 cup of grinds in 16 ounces every morning.  When my dizziness and thumb tremor return, either exercise or hanging upside down seem to snap me out of it.  I was hoping I had diabetes, but $20 spent on the tester and strips indicates I'm pretty normal on blood sugar: 80 in the morning, 70 after long exercise, 93 normally, and 110 an hour after eating.  Pretty darn close to average.

    The reason for hanging upside down is to increase pressure in my head to squeeze out the theoretical fluid pressure that seems to be there, PD or not. I nkew from experience only 1 to 2 minutes of pressure strong on a swollen injury can greatly reduce the fluid build up and figured it could work as well on the brain. It is an aggressive treatment, possibly risking stroke or something in the elderly and middle-aged.  More than 10 minutes would be a good form of torture.  someone overweight wouldn't even be able to do it.

  • zawy Thanks, this is great information !!

    Where did you get the thing you hang upside down?

    Blessings, Eva G


  • They secure around your lower leg, above ankle. I got them on amazon for like $90

  • zawy Good Morning!!

    I don't mean to be a pain in  the neck, but what does your hang-up look like?

    I checked with Amazon, and the have so many.

    When i understand what you have, I will buy it.

    Love and blessings, Eva G.


  • the box says "teeter hang ups". An inversion table from a local store (returnable) for a little bit more is probably a better idea.  It's gentler, and you don't have to be able to do a vertical sit up in order to get down.

  • zawy thank you. Yesterday I purchased a  inversion table from Amazon.

    IWill let you know how it works.

     Will let you know how it works.

    Thanks again

    Lovingly, Eva G


  • Yes, please let me know it turns out.  On bad days, the benefit is small, but on slightly-bad days, it seems really helpful in reducing a vague feeling of pain and makes me think a lot more clearly for about an hour and generally the day seems to go better.  Especially upon waking up.

  • 12stargate

    10 months ago12stargate

    laglag I got that inversion table. It is fun and feels good to use. I am going slow in how long I hang upside down, just so I don't do damage to anything.

    Once I get to 10 min in the am and 10 min pm, we'll see how the dizziness goes.

    Enjoy your day!

    Lovingly, Eva Gabrielle

  • My husband loves his teeter hang-up!

  • laglag I got that inversion table. It is fun and feels good to use. I am going slow in how long I hang upside down, just so I don't do damage to anything.

    Once I  get to 10 min in the am and 10 min pm, we'll see how the dizziness goes.

    Enjoy your day!

    Lovingly, Eva Gabrielle


  • do you think it might be clause of poor posture , without even knowing might be tilting to oneside. it's how my husband first started and why he went GP in first place .Poor swim of the arm which drags to one side

  • go to:www.fightingparkinsonsdrugfree.com and try the excercises. They help balance and much more. You can search within this site for what you're looking for or ask Howard. Hope this helps.

  • Omg I recently find myself slumping to the right and feeling dizzy. Is this still considered stage 1?

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