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For the rest of the country, winter is over. Here in Utah we did not have winter with mild temps and no snow.

Howwever, today we have 10-12 inches of snow.

This is my kind of weather since I was born and raised in North Norway.

I felt inspired to shovel snow.

And I did!!! :)

I dressed warmly, and stayed very conscious of what I was doing.

It was a great experience!

I am sharing this with you to encourage you.

Life does not end with PD.

Hugs and love from Eva G.


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Great job & thanks for the inspiration!




I live in Utah too & even though I've loved here all of my life I was surprised. I have freind coming in from Seattle area to spend the day today & her Mom was from Norway. I 've Known her since we were both 3 yrs old. Her grandmother lived here but never learned english. Have a great UT day!

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WOW in Wisconsin I thought snow hung on, my grandpa said the robin needed three snows on their tales before spring! We had Thundersnow last week with hail the size of a 50 cent piece. UFF DA. We have a huge Norwegian population in our small town of Westby, I m a transplant with my husband( Who passed away March28) being partly Norwegian, I m Bohemian , Swedish & Irish oh and German a true Heinz 57. Glad you could shovel staying upright would be my problem. HUGS Kadie


Hi Eva G, I tried to reply to your latest post but it said there was a problem. I was wondering if you were planning to go to the seminar in SLC today? It's at the City Creek Center, Cheesecake Factory, 12-1 pm. David Shprecher MD, U of U will speak on Understanding Parkinson/s Disease & Current Treatments"?

I would to meet you if you are going.

Thanks, Sherry (LLWWD)


Hi Sherry!!

You live here in Salt Lake City??!!

I ad no knowledge of this seminar.

I would have loved to go and meet you there.

How do I get on a list to get informed of these events?

Hugs and Love ,Eva G.



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