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very informative, would n't that be wonderful if that could help for people that are struck with these diseases. the very thing that people have had such a foul distaste for mentally. and it's a weed.

who would have ever thought that the medical marijuana could help so many of us with these terrible diseases. i don't see it for recreational, but for medical purposes . i'm sorry i wasn't born at a later date where i possibly could be helped. but it is a joy to know that eventually it can help others in the future.

thank you so much for the video.

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i did.


I have ventured into the vapor pen and marijuana oil but evidently not the right one for me. Gave up, thinking it just made me stupid and still shakey. If there was some type that could calm my jerky motions and not make my brain numb it would be wonderful.

I must admit, I didn't try a lot. It is expensive and not very much fun experimenting with your brain.


During wearing off times of my meds if I take a hit or two of weed, it takes my tremors away and calms me down. I highly recommend it.

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What exactlly do you take and how much?


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