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Kung Fu?

I haven't written in a long time. Haven't felt I've had much to contribute, mainly because my PD has been mostly under control with the same set of meds for 2–3 years, oh lucky me!

In an effort to hopefully prolong my winning streak, I've been looking for an exercise program that would be effective and that I think I could stick with. I've tried gyms, swimming, going solo and even when helpful, so far nothing has lasted.

I recently found a Kung Fu class in nearby Chicago that I've been going to now for about 3 months and I think it's a keeper. I studied the same style of Kung Fu called Ving Tsun (or more commonly Wing Chun) for 2-3 years way back in the late 1980's in New York and gained a lot from it then in terms of overall strength and self defense skills. But more importantly for me now, Ving Tsun also improved my balance and coordination.

This new school is very friendly, reasonably priced and is an absolutely legitimate Kung Fu / Ving Tsun program. The teachers and students are also very helpful and patient when my PD symptoms appear, which they occasionally do.

It's too early to say if this will have a positive or lasting impact on my PD but I'll certainly let you know how it's going from time to time. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. If any other PD'ers living in the Chicago are interested in investigating this program let me know.


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Reminds me of the report of another member. That person said "exploding hands" as providing temp relief. They would raise both hands high into the air and shake.



Thanks for sharing that with us. My own take on martial arts is the much more sedate T'aiChi but any news of something helpful is good news. Sharing is knowledge, knowledge is power......if you are into all that. I'm up for anything within my physical limitations that helps keep PD at bay.


Hi Mike. I belong to a boxing group called (non-profit) It opened in Oct 2006 in Indianapolis & I started in Jan 2007. It's strictly for PwP's. There are now over 30 affliates in the US & one in CA, Australia, Italy & one soon in the UK. I was diagnosed 11 yrs. ago & it is the best thing that I could have done. It's also a good support group type thing because everyone understands how each other are feeling. Look up the website to see if there is one by you. Also read the testimonals & check out the photos, everyone is smiling.


Mike I am very happy that you have found something that is working for for go for it, I am in Ky and also found the same type of program to be very useful .


As others have suggested, Rocksteady boxing is all the rage here in Philadelphia. They have done a major study linking the effectiveness of boxing and improvement in people with PD. I always used to do cardio kickboxing and loved it, however, I have two impinged shoulders which prohibit me from doing that anymore unfortunately. The other big movement here in Philly for PD is "Big" therapy. If anyone is interested, I can explain more. As we know, PD makes one go inward, our movements become slower and smaller over time. "Big" therapy is meant to counteract that process and also helps one move more quickly, effectively, and in a "Big" way over time....


I would love more information on BIG therapy! Please respond!


Me too!


Yes, I will get more information for you. I will contact my physical therapist so I can appropriately explain it. I am new here, so I am not really sure how to respond to you directly?


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