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Stem Cell Therapy with Stemgenex


I came across a facebook page, leading to a website about a company or medical research group called Stemgenex that is providing stem cell treatment for people with MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, COPD, Diabetes, Rheumatiod Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and more. The website is and you can find them on facebook listed as Stemgenex. There are reviews on facebook making claims of positive results with the treatment, which if I understand correctly uses one's own stem cells. Though I try to keep a positive attitude, my general rule is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Though I have not had much time to go to the wedsite yet, I wanted to see if anyone here has any experience with or has heard of this company or this treatment method for Parkinson's. I value your opinions and would be interested in your thoughts. Thanks!

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Is this the adipose liposuctin thng I read about recently on clinical trial?. If so costs a fortune possibly very good. We mortals have to wait.

If you want to waste good monies then go ahead! Reading their website there are so many qualifications and blurred words that a100 lawyers couldn't get clarity from their statements. I strongly believe this type of company should be exposed for what they are; RIP OFFS

rons in reply to Johnasilk

That's what clinical trials are for

If it worked it would be headline news all around the world

All bogus !!! . Please don't fall prey to such companies. There are many companies in US advertise about Stem Cell cure; I have contacted couple of them; nobody gives references , carry out stem cell therapy out side US , Stem cells Therapy not approved by FDA ; except for LEUKEMIA. All these companies are experimenting at the cost & life of patients, none of them have been successful !! all false claims and testimonials !! Be care full

I'm going to google reviews of this process and company. For younger people ,it may be the answer in the future as we are already studying stem cell transplants in other areas as well. Read some reviews that are NOT associated with the company/organization to get a balanced opinion.

I'm sure there's a great future for stem cells but it's still a long way off. The use of one's own cells avoids the risk of rejection and this is a great advance. But they've got to make sure they aren't harmful in other ways like causing cancer which can happen if they use viruses in the process. There's also the danger of stem cells escaping into other areas of the brain, again causing tumours. If Stemgenex have overcome all these problems then wheel it on, but somehow I'm not conivnced.

I've been reading about stem cell therapy and I think it's gonna be good when they finally get it right. I'm not sure about this company. However my husband just told me about a pro hockey player who went to Mexico. He was unable to do anything and told he would die. Not Parkinsons though. He is completely healed. Of course he had the money to do it. Insurance will not cover. But i think it's very close to being reality and the only way to go.

Do you have any more info on stem cells for Parkinson’s?

I ended going with a company called TruStem Cell Therapy in Chicago. StemGenex has a class-action lawsuit against them which is a big red flag for me and my family. The center in Chicago were much more advanced, the doctors were better, they actually have a PhD on staff, and their treatment was significantly more affordable. I have had improvements in my mobility, tremors and speech. Some better than others. Also, my disease has not gotten any worse since the treatment.

Thanks for yr reply. Can u pls tell us what it involved. How long were you there and vague costs pls. Another question for you - my daughter is having a baby soon and I’m wondering whether we should pay to get the cord blood etc stored in case we might use it in the future for my husband. Any thoughts pls?? I think the Pd stem cell treatment uses yr own cells doesn’t it? Would you recommend stem cell or should we wait? Thanks so much

Gennadi in reply to CellScience

Hi CellScience,

Could you, please, indicate which clinic in Chicago you went to? My wife has MS and it is now progressing, time is not on our side. We found info on clinic in San Diego - StemGenex, at first liked everything about it (except the cost of course) but I now want to make an additional research before we commit to anything. So, what Chicago clinic did you go to? Please, respond asap. my email (862) 268-1135 any time.

This is a complete fraud I know first hand. Ask them for real data on any specific disorder they claim to treat they can't or won't provide. Ask them what research they have published after 8 years they have none. Ask them if what scientific study shows specific use of fat cell derived stem cells used to treat Parkinson's /Stroke/ MS/ or anything they claim they don't exist. Ask them to provide any hard evidence on anything and get ready for the evasive language and generalized BS

As a scientist and potential stem cell patient, I came across this information as I was considering StemGenex. It seems as though there is some level of misinformation on this post. When I contacted them, there was no promise of a cure or any type of guarantee that the treatment would work. They told me that a successful treatment would be improvement in my condition. Based upon the type of cells used (adipose) and my condition there are plenty of studies done that can be referenced through The National Institutes of Health showing the effectiveness of the treatments. There are some of them even referenced on their website.

Basically, if you're looking for a cure then yes you'll be disappointed. StemGenex seems to be the most legitimate resource I have come across and I have spoken to many clinics, some who have told me I could actually be cured.

Again, do your own research before selecting a center but these treatment can work to improve your quality of life, just not cure you - if it could cure you it would most certainly be in the news everywhere.

Do you have any more recent info on stem cells for Parkinson’s pls?

February this year I went to Stemgenex for SCT. They never promised a cure, but I have received an improvement in my quality of life.

I am 25 years with RRMS and since procedure, have had noticeable improvements in my balance, dexterity, gait, ability to lift my drop foot.

For some, the improvements I have experienced are small, they are HUGE to me.

You may ask any questions, I will do my best to answer.

tbazzill in reply to jmitch

Are you still feeling improvements? I have similar conditions and am wondering if this would help me and if so, for how long.

Thanks for your response.

Becca50 in reply to jmitch

How long did it take? Did your improvements last?

whack-a-mole in reply to Becca50


Virwin in reply to jmitch

Jmitch, I have just found this page and although a year ago since your post, would like to hear any further updates on your visit with StemGenex

Gennadi in reply to jmitch

Thank you so much for your insider's review! There is so much negativity in this thread about StemGENEX... I understand that people looking for cure, but we need to be objective and keep our expectations and hope realistic. I am about to take my wife with MS to StemGENEX but reading this thread almost dented my determination. Your short message brough it back.

I have a moderate level adult onset muscular dystrophy.. i have read good and bad reviews about Stemgenex . Can anyone tell me if this or any other stem cell treatment center offers hope for improvement, not cure. please tell me all about your experiences and any improvements after stem cell intervention ?

total scam.

In 2016 my husband went to StemGenex for the stem cell treatment for Parkinsons. Is he cured? No. Is he better? Somewhat, the decline slowed. and tremor in the one hand stopped instantly. He was plagued with horrible cramping in the back and legs, part of the disease. He had to be on muscle relaxers on the way out as our plane flight was 6 1/2 hours. This was one year ago feb. 25....he has not had the cramping since the treatment. Will it work for everyone? Does anything? The Drs have wanted us to go for DBS recently...drilling 2 holes into the core of the brain and implanting diodes with a battery under the skin by the chest...This IS covered by insurance....which would you like to do? There are no other options, sadly, for PD patients at this time.

how is his condition now? I want to receive this therapy although I have to sell my house for that. please send me the dtails at

How is he now? Had he improved more? Would you recommend ? Tganks

My husband rolled the dice with them 4 yrs ago. It didnt work for him. They dont promise. We knew it was experimental going into it. It is hit and miss it seems. Stem cells still on the table though. We both think there is something in it.

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