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Strong urine

Hi All

Had a bit of a shock this morning when I had my first wee of the day. I use a bottle just for this one as I can't make it to the loo until my meds kick in. I was horrified to see it was a very dark brown colour - I know that the Stalevo I take causes it to become quite orange at times but this was another level altogether!

I'm not having any kidney pains so, hopefully, they're working ok - has anyone else had a similar experience and, if so, what turned out to be the cause?



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I've had a similar situation with a bottle-urinal that had a residue in the bottom. My son, an Internist, saw it one morning and went ballistic for not telling him about it. He was concerned about a protein disease in the kidney that is very rare and fatal that produces a cola colored urine. I replaced the urinal and voila! No disease.... urine was as clear as the morning sunshine.


Thanks for that, etterus, I'm hoping it's not anything that bad as it seems to have only been a one-off - maybe just an overnight build-up of food/tablet colourings.


Probably just concentrated due to not having had enough to drink. Mine is sometimes a bit brown rather than orange.


It is most likely the stalevo -- it scared me for a while also , and it stains the toilet . the longer the pee sits the darker it will be. but it wouldnt hurt to ask the doc.


Thanks, Pete-1 and siak.


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