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Want to join a local support group?

I run a support group (APPs) in the Sutton, Kingston and Epsom area and its surrounds for active Parkinson's People. I'm also a committee member for the local branch, covering the same areas, for Parkinson's UK. I have set up two sub-groups:

- for carers so that they have a platform to discuss their own issues without the presence of those they care for

- for those who have Parkinson's and live alone so that they can develop a support structure for themselves

I have also formed a choir, almost a year old now, to help with our voices and we're about to sing in public for the first time. We practice voice therapy and are supported by an excellent Choir Master who is funded by the Sutton Arts Council.

I organise speakers, visits, outings, social events, eating out, cooking demos and we meet on the third Wednesday of each month. In the summer there are extra events like walks, picnic, and pub lunches.

APPs was formed over 10 years ago and the original core group continue is still with us.

If you live in the general area and want to join us, please leave me a message here or email

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Have you got a place for me to crash? Sounds like fun


All except one LOL


The Active Parkinson's People (APPs Support Group) will be moving to regular premises instead of members' homes from January 2015. I'm in the process of tying up the paperwork for this to happen. Our programme for 2015 is almost complete. This is an invitation to anyone with P and who is active and has a youthful attitude to life and would like to meet like-minded people to join us. Our activities are mentioned in my earlier post.

Please leave me a message here or email me at


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