I had an episode yesterday evening, while eating a take away, when I could not swallow. It felt as though my throat was blocked and nothing could get past. This went on for quite a while although I was breathing normally. Eventually, it cleared. little by little and I could swallow normally. I am sure other people must have experienced this and would be grateful for any comments or advice on how to avoid it happening again or how to lessen a reoccurrence. Thanks.

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  • Perhaps you would benefit from a swallowing assessment from a Speech and Language Therapist. It would eliminate other possible problems, assess your weaknesses in the area and help with suggestions for exercising the muscles and modifying the size and texture of what you eat. Does this sound possible?

  • Hi. Thanks for your prompt reply. I am hoping that this is a one off, but realise this may not be the case. I was eating a Chinese takeaway when I started hiccupping and could not swallow my food. I was almost in A and E, but had no breathing problems. I was sick and eventually it cleared. Not an experience I would care to repeat. I am seeing my Consultant soon so I will mention it to her and see what she says.

  • Hi Court. I am a bit confused with what you have said here. You say you could still breath but could not swallow? If that is so, I think you were unable to initiate a swallow, which is very common with Pd.

    I have often had the situation where food has not gone all the way down the oesophagus to the stomach, due to a lack of sufficient saliva in my mouth. Then further food gets stuck behind until I am unable to swallow at all. This is accompanied by hiccuping and extreme discomfort in the chest. All I do is stop trying to swallow anything until I am able to swallow some water, to help move the food down into the stomach.

    If this is not your problem then I cannot help you.

    Kind regards


  • Hi John. In retrospect I should not have used the word 'choking'. I was eating and I hiccupped. Then I felt as though I had something stuck in my throat. As nothing could get past it all came back the way it went in. This lasted for about 15 mins and then it eased. Of course, this is not choking, but it certainly was not a pleasant experience..I will make sure I always have a glass of water when I am eating as I, too, suffer from a lack of saliva,

  • Hi Court. Yes! You had the same experience that I have often had. I find that it hap[pens most, when I eat meat and potatoes, not necessarily together. Both are rather dry items and I try to eat a sauce or gravy with both of them, to avoid this problem, but sometimes I don't think and swallow two mouthfuls of meat, one after the other and there I sit, hiccuping and feeling very uncomfortable. WE have to think whast we are doing, all the time.


  • My husband,pd 28yrs has this problem,it seems to be set off by sauces ie Chinese s/sour & various others. Not only these but I can't find out what the actual cause is; but be aware of your take away.

  • I was diagnosed with Parkinson's two years ago and last year I developed a swallowing problem following an episode when I got a tablet stuck in my throat. I was given a Barium Swallow test which showed that the food was not travelling fast enough through my oesophagus. I was on a liquid only diet for a while as I became too frightened to take solids. After treatment with a Speech and Language Therapist I gradually introduced solids again. It is easy to tense up after an episode when food is stuck so try to relax (if possible!) and ask for a referral to a therapist who will test your swallowing abilities. Make sure that you chew your food really well and maybe for now avoid foods that you are not comfortable with. I find that if I swallow water with my chin tucked into my neck, this helps the food to go down (advice from the therapist). Hope all goes well.

  • You may laugh at this suggestion, but I think I have the same problem. It doesn't happen real often & not really with a certain kind of food (maybe more so w/meat), but I'll be eating & something feels like it gets stuck 1/2 way down my esophagus & it feels like I can't breathe, so I always have a coke zero by my side & take a swig of it & it will make be burp & that eliminates the problem.

  • Thanks for replying. . That is exactly what l feel. Quite frighteningI. Thought this only happened to others not to me and when Parkinsons was more advanced than I am.

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