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Still smelling the roses?


Hi I have been diagnosed for a year and a half now and still have a treasonably good sense of smell. I keep reading that this should be one of the first things to go but not for me! Anyone else still smelling the roses?

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I'm always checking my sense of smell and I thank God every time it's normal!

My husband has had PD for a few years now his sense of smell is still in tact. I don't hold with when symptoms should be expected.

His first symtom was loss of balance and tremor, which fairly quickly spread to his whole body.

Hi there,

Loss of sense of smell is often a marker for the development of PD. Over 70% of PwP have lost/lose their sense of smell but there are those of us don't (I'm 66, dxd 10 yrs). Actually the newly formed Research Group of CureParkinson's themed their first meeting around this issue as reported by administrator CPT Helen on this site. We are hoping the results of our experiment will be published in an independent scientific journal.

Mine is about half gone, compared to my non-pwp's !

Nat. Park. Foundation identifies the "10 Early Warning Signs of P D": 1). Tremor or Shaking but 30% never show this sign 2). Small Handwriting 3). Los of Smell (I take Azilect and a portion of my smelling is back)

4). Trouble Sleeping 5). Trouble moving or walking 6). Constipation 7). Low or soft voice 8). Masked face 9). Dizziness or Fainting 10). Stooping or Hunching over.

Not everyone gets ALL of these symptoms.

Since I could not find a single source of the PD Symptoms, I created one single page that has just under 100 separate symptoms. It can be used as a 'check-off' list for you and your doctor. Send me an e-mail with "P D Symptoms" in the subject field and I will send back the list.

even before I married my husband (49 years ago), he always said , "I can't smell anything." Diagnosed in 2007, his lack of smell (and other PD issues), led to weight loss (smell gives us the taste of food). Now with meds he's better.

Some of my sense of smell is gone. I cant smell my roses, but enjoy growing them. I can smell some herbs better like cilantro and basil. My big thing lately is a sense of color blindness ive developed exp with black nd blue. Is odd. Best, Dana

Sorry been out of touch for a while! Thanks for the replies makes me feel better that I'm not the only one still with a sense of smell!

Have PD for 9-10 yrs..still smell everything.

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