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Do I have PD?

My diagnoses was one year and a half ago because 6 years before my left hand started shaking, after the right. Two years ago I felt unbalance but nobody notice until this moment.

A week ago my neurologist ask to me to visit another doctor specialist in nerves and muscles,because I walk normally and don't have another parkinson's symtoms.

With a new studies I have the diagnostic of polineuropatic sensitive.motor for the extremities. I am expecting another tests to know the origin of this.

I don't know was could be worse, a slight parkinson or polineuropatic condition.

I will thank very much if someone write to me about this.


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I looked up the condition as I had not heard of it. There is quite a lot about the condition on Wikipaedia.

I think you need to know from your neurologist what type you have so they can decide on the treatment.

I wish you all the best and hope you soon feel better.


Thank you for your simphaty and after the diagnostic only have to wait for the results of other test who are going to determinate the origin of the polineuropathy and depends of it, the treatment, the rehabilitation or not.

So, I am not in peace until know how exactly my future be




I hope you get the answers you want but I can tell you that if you have PD, you will never know exactly how your future will be. PD is different for every person that has it, and you may get certain symptoms or never get certain ones, and no one can tell you how fast it will proceed.


There are many secondary symptoms for PD and the question is do you have any or all of the following?:

Do/did you lose your sense of smell?

Do/did you have a runny nose?

Do/did you have depression?

Do/did you have a sleeping disorder?

Do/did you have urinary incontinence or constipation problems?

Men have problems with erectile dysfunction and women experience a loss of sex drive?

Do/did you have mental confusion?

Did your handwriting become smaller?

Do you talk softer or inaudibly than you did before?

Do/did you have neck problems?

Did you try the standard drug Sinemet/L-dopa? And were you responsive to it? Meaning, did you feel some relief after taking the drug?

Your response to Sinemet is important because cases of atypical parkinsonism are not very responsive to Sinemet (whilst idiopathic Parkinson's is responsive to it and have some relief from the disease).

I hope this helps.



Thank you very much.

Yes y have Sinemed and feel better after take it




I am glad to hear Sinemet helps you to feel better. If it did not work you probably have atypical parkinsonism (which is difficult to treat). People with atypical parkinsonism disorders, Multiple System Atrophy, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.....have little to poor response to Sinemet and are even more difficult to treat than Parkinson's disease. PD patients usually are treated with 300 mg/day of Sinemet and atypical parkinsonism patients are treated with up to 1,000 mg of Sinemet daily - and the effect usually wears off quickly.

There are ways to increase the efficiency of Sinemet and that is through taking one of two (or both supplements):

1) DHEA --- the following is a case study in which a lab technician acquired parkinsonism through being infected with lipopolysaccharides - a toxin in the cell wall of bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella.....and one of her therapies was by taking 50 mg of DHEA every other morning. It allowed her to cut down on the dosage of Sinemet/ l-dopa by 75 mg....from 275 mg to 200 mg daily - a small dose.

2) Tryptophan deficiency is common to Parkinson's disease and Sinemet makes the deficiency worse. Here is a case of 2 women improving their symptoms by taking the supplement L-tryptophan:




Hola Silvestrov:

Reciently my neurologist order a new studies and the results until this moment is that I have polineropathic .sensitive and motor join (axonal and diesmilizante (I dont know how to tell in English) with another tests, that i am waiting for july14, it knows wich is the origen of disease and is very important because the treatment depens of it. The desease coud be rehabilitate or in the worse case, no. So I'm waiting until the date to know my future. Also coud have a ligth parkinson or not.

Thank you for your comments.




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