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Has Coconut Oil helped relieve some of your Parkinson's symptoms? Straw Poll.

Has Coconut Oil helped relieve some of your Parkinson's symptoms? Straw Poll.

I am amazed at the continuing activity on the 10-month old post "Coconut Oil has improved my life"

Out of curiosity, I would like for this post to act as a straw poll on the benefits of Coconut Oil for PWP.

Please respect the following guidelines:

1. Respond to this post only if you have taken CO at the level of at least 2T per day for at least one month.

2. Only respond once (if you want to correct an erroneous report, please delete the error before posting the correction).

3. IF possible, please use the format:

A. Beneficial: yes or no

B. Dose: -- tablespoons PER DAY

C. Length of YOUR trial -- months

If benficial,

D. Rate your benefit: minor, moderate, major

E. Are you likely to continue: already stopped, likely to stop, waivering, likely to continue

F. Comments

If you want to discuss issues about this straw poll, please reply in the companion post: Discussion of the CO straw poll

Example (my answers)


B. 8T

C. 12




16 Replies

A. Beneficial: yes or no Yes

B. Dose: -- tablespoons PER DAY 6

C. Length of YOUR trial -- months 12

If benficial,

D. Rate your benefit: minor, moderate, major ~ minor

E. Are you likely to continue: already stopped, likely to stop, waivering, likely to continue ~ continue

F. Comments

I discontinued my keto diet. I take no meds. I believe CO decreased the size of my prostrate gland as indicated by much improved urine flow. Can't say as much for my tremors. Where would I be if I was not taking CO?


A: Yes, beneficial

B: 4 TBS CO + 4 TBS C-8 MCT oil per day + 1-2 TBS ketone salts as required (if fasting serum ketone less than 1.5 mM/liter)

C: Trial 1 year

D: Major decrease in tremor when taking CO while in ketosis

E: Continue ketogenic diet + CO for life

F: Taking CO inside a ketogenic diet (low carb) achieves more reliable relief of symptoms.


A.Beneficial: yes

B. Dose: -- 3 tablespoons PER DAY, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

C. Length of YOUR trial – 5 months

If beneficial,

D. Rate your benefit: major

E. Are you likely to continue: likely to continue

COCONUT OIL has changed my life dramatically.

I now:

Walk faster

Speak louder

Stand straighter

Cut my own meat

Button my own buttons

Brush my teeth without an electric toothbrush

Handwriting is improved

Can do more chores

Get out of chairs and cars much easier

I’m calmer and less nervous

On the other hand:

I don’t sleep better

Consuming CO in the evening makes it harder to sleep

My vision is no better

OVERALL: I am a true believer in the amazing power of CO. I’m afraid not to take it.


How do you take your coconut oil thanks


Put it in anything creamy. Milk shakes, smoothies, pudding, hot fudge topping, cream of tomato soup. Fry foods in it. Make baked goods, fudge, or butter mints with it. Use it instead of butter on English muffins and toast, with jam for a yummy treat. Try it on oatmeal with cream and brown sugar. And, EXCERSIZE. I believe it takes both.

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A - Yes

B- 2 vials of Fuel for Thought about 6 Tbs, also 2 Tbs on toast

C.- 1 year

D. Lessened tremors, no more problem with swallowing or saliva

E- Will continue

F- Comment. When I started my cholesterol was 165. Last test a week ago - 170


A Yes

B 7 TB

C 8

D Moderate/ Major

E Will continue

F weight stable blood lipids good

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A. Beneficial: yes

B. Dose - 8T day

C. length of trial; 10 months

D. Benefit - Moderate - Major (not sure)

E. Will continue

F. I'm not sure of the benefits on my motor symptoms and I'm not going to stop taking it to find out. The time I stopped for 48 hours was when I was travelling and I lost my sense of taste/smell. But the long hours on the flight/car naturally affected my balance and gait so I can't isolate the effect of going without CO on my motor symptoms. I haven't had to increase my meds in the last year and constipation is no longer a problem.


A. Beneficial - yes

B. Dose - at the moment CO added to all things cooked (no specific measurements yet)

C. Length of my trial - 2 months

D. Rate your benefit - moderate

E. Are you likely to continue - Yes

F. Comments: I have only just found this information, but after a very drastic change in diet 8 months ago, and really increasing the use of CO in all of our meals in the last 2 months, I have noticed a difference in my husband's Parkinson's symptoms. I will measure the CO from now on and will get back to you in the next couple of months with the results. I will monitor each symptom .. as you have (he is a sceptic, so I have to do this 'incognito' and then hand him the results with my positive outcome. Obviously, I can only observe the differences and diarise).


A. yes

B.2 TBSP 3 to 4Xday

C.3 months


E.Will continue (just ordered another 54 oz)

F.Ran out for 2 days and tremors increased a lot. Trying to limit carbs also to increase ketones.


For anyone wishing to enter this discussion outside of the parameters listed in the original post, I strongly recommend participation in the post and discussion led by soup:

The guidelines for this post are intended to facilitate tabulation of results, but soup has noted that there is an unintended consequence of possibly restricting discussion. She has provided a solution by initiating her post, for which I am most grateful.

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Are the coconut gel tablets alright to take thanks


Are the coconut gel tabs alright to take thanks


It takes a lot of tabs: 2T = 17 tabs


A. yes

B 2-3 in coffee in morning, 1 at noon, 1, dinner, 1 at bedtime

C 4 months

D moderate plus

E definitely will continue

F. have lost 10 pounds over past 2 months exercise 5 days a week, on Azilect only, drink 50oz of water a day, tremors have been reduced, am quite pleased with CO results. Diagnosed with PD in 6/2014 but believe I've had it for two years

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This post is seven months old and the comments seem to have dwindled. . Thank you to all who have responded. I am disappointed that we have no "failure" responses, I am certain that they are out there. Perhaps they don't read CO posts!

Summary or 10 responses:

A. Beneficial: yes or no10 yes

B. Dose: --T/Day 6 TO 8

C. Length months 10 TO 18

D. Rate benefit: 8-MAJOR,2-MODERATE

E. Likely to continue: 10


PLEASE SEE THE POST "Statins vs. Coconut Oil"

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