will STOP or SLOW parkinson's

Parkinson's Disease news breaks that a drug that could stop or slow Parkinson’s disease (PD) is advancing in clinical testing.

, the drug isradipine is proceeding to Phase III testing, the last step before regulatory approval. With a $23 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, researchers will test if isradipine has an effect on PD progression. Previous studies showed drugs in the same class, calcium channel blockers, were associated with lower incidence of PD.

When recruitment for this study begins later this year, it will be the most advanced, current trial of a disease-modifying therapy for PD.

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  • Awaiting results in anticipation

  • Oh would that be welcome if it works -

  • Fingers crossed.

  • nhs.uk/Conditions/Parkinson...'s%20disease&pn=1&Rec=0&CT=0

    Recruiting in UK for exenatide

  • Any chance there will be a trial in the UK?

  • unknown

  • so your headline should read "MAY" slow . . . since it's in trial!

  • PatV is absolutely correct, and more of us should pay attention to the way "may" is misused to mean "shall."

  • will STOP or SLOW parkinson's ?

  • thanks for the update if you find out how to be on the study please let me know regards Brian/willow

  • Yeah, maybe health does get unlocked from time to time.

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