What is so important about "POSTURE?"

I suffered for 29 years with various symptoms of Pd, before it was eventually diagnosed. Each of those symptoms was being treated as an individual problem, with the result that I was taking several different pills for many years, and none of them was doing anything to help those symptoms. We have to ttreat the problem, not the symptoms. Why did I ask this question?

When we start to walk badly or slouch, as a result of the Pd, our muscles start to lose their strength and we progressively get weaker and weaker. We eventually become unable to stand up straight and have to use walking aids or even become wheelchair bound.

So how do we overcome this problem?

I did not notice that I was leaning forwards, when I stood up or walked around. I had to be told by my late wife, who was rather loath to tell me, as I can be very touchy about things like that. When she said to me that I was leaning forwards, I was immediately able to stand up straight, as my back muscles were still strong enough to do so. However! If I did not consciously stand up straight I automatically bent forwards at the hips. We have to get used to this fact. I still have to consciously stand up straight, which I do everytime, the moment I stand up. I pull my shoulders back and my head upright and constantly have to check that I am doing this. This might sound like a bit of a bind, but it is better than allowing my posture to become so stooped that I can barely walk properly.

If you find that you are unable to stand upright anymore then try doing the following exercise: Lay flat on the floor, on your stomach, and place your arms by your sides. Then try to raise your head and upper torso off the floor. Do this for ten times, at least twice a day. If you are unable to lift your head initially, don't give up. The more you try to do this, the stronger those back muscles get. Within two weeks you will find that you are able to get your head up off the floor and, later on, your whole torse. Then you will be able to stand up sraight. In this way, you will be helping to reverse the symptoms of Pd and you will be able to stand erect and be justly proud of your achievement.

Good luck


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  • This is good to know, thanks for that. I will pass that little exercise on to my mother :)

  • Thank you so much for this advice. I didn't know what to do about this problem.....but now I will try this..

  • Good advise John. A good diet, good breathing exercises and lots of physical exercise are some of the keys to slowing the progression of PD and of course the proper mental attitude!

  • Navyrat, Do you have breathing exercises that you would like to share? I am a very shallow breather and when I'm anxious tend to hyperventilate. Thanks.

  • Google breathing correctly and you will find a wealth of info and why it is important- good luck and I am certain you will be surprised at what you find.

  • Thanks!

  • If you stoop over, you cannot breathe fully into, your abdomen...Breath -- the essence of life...

  • my husband is doing PT for his shoulders and posture (among other things). He's much less tight, his upper back pain is gone, and he's recovering strength and range of motion. He really concentrates hard to do the exercises and his brain is making new pathways for the nerve impulses to get to the muscles. His mood and confidence are improving. His PT gives him a variety of exercises that constantly challenge him with new ways of lifting and stretching.

  • Hi quirkyme. It's nice to hear from you again! Thanks for sharing the news about how your husband's exercising has helped him. Perhaps others will follow your lead!


  • THanks John, I'll do it.

  • Hi Pheonixalight. I am pleased to hear your response. Don't give up until you have done it for at least three months, then you will not want to give it up.


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