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Hi is there any members with the same embarrassing problem as me? I have tremor-dominant PD (5y). I choke on cold water, coffee, crisps, bread, milk - still adding daily to this list cutting out everything that makes me choke. One of these days I will be like the horse my great grandfather had. It was costing him a lot of money to feed this horse and he decided to teach the horse to eat less and less everyday. Just as he succeeded teaching the horse to eat hardly anything, the horse died(LOL)

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i have psp no tremor) but was choking on bread muesli anything which was dry

but i now have a med for gastric reflux which ha also stopped dhte choking - waking at 4 am choking was no fun either

lol jill





Anid, I just sat down at the keyboard to give you some sage words of advice but, instead, choked on my morning coffee. Just remember, "BREATHE AIR, SWALLOW FOOD". My condolences to your great granddaddy over the loss of his horse.

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Hi Anid, I too have my moments. I choke every day taking some of my pills, food, drink. You are so right, it can be so embarrassing when it happens. It can also cause me to be sick, which is awful. :-)


In the UK you can ask for a swallowing assessment and advice from suitable specialists.


The swallowing problem is largely caused by the muscles in your tongue and throat being affected by Parkinson's. Some textures will be easier to manage than others but the therapists, be they speech therapists or another sort will be able to give you exercises to help them strengthen the muscles and help them co-ordinate better. Just like the exercises given you by your physiotherapist.

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Have you seen a good speech therapist? Here stateside that is who they would refer you to see. They have tests that show how your swallowing works for u.

While waiting to see one try this...if you haven't is so simple that many find the positive results very suprising: inhale before you take your next sip or mouthfull. Too many of us parkies do not have enough respiration going on to enable the process properly.

Best wishes,

Steve (Bisbee, AZ)


Srarendt thanx


Both me & my mother would choke on food or drink. When my Mom was in a nursing home they would put a little thickener like unflavoured Jello or Metamucile. One of the nurses told me water is the worst because you can't feel it it in the back of the mouth, thus the chocking. Good luck,


Am in agreement with Steve. BIG voice therapy helps my husband out a lot. The exercises strengthen the throat muscles.


Hi Anid. Here are several tips on choking:

1. Hold your head erect when eating and do not ever throw your head back, when swallowing;

2. Keep your mouth moist, when eating dry food by having gravy (sauce) with it;

3. Chew the food longer, which produces more saliva;

4. Don't talk while you are eating;

5. Have a glass of water handy, when swallowing dry food and if you can't get the food down then drink some water;

6. Don't panic, when you choke, even though it is not easy to do. First hold your breath and relax before pushing whatever air, you have in your lungs, out. That should remove the food out of your windpipe. If you suck air in you will pull the food further down the windpipe and make it worse.

7. Most of us can hold our breath for up to a minute, before having to breathe, so don't panic, it only makes it worse.

8. My family often hear me starting to choke, but If I have not got any air in my lungs I breathe in very slowly, which does not pull the food further down the wondpipe, then as soon as I have enough air in my lungs I push it out as hard as I can, thus expelling the food.

9. Many times, I can feel the food getting close to the windpipe and remove it before it gets inside.

I hope this helps you.


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