Has anyone tried using a laser walker or cane?

I saw them online and was wondering how well they worked. The walker on amazon are really expensive ($1100)! I found instructions for building a similar module that these wonderful people open-sourced (materials cost less than $40). The guide is here:


I'm thinking of building one, but was wondering what other people's experience was like. Any tips?

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  • Dear p-lin,

    Have you looked at a kick-start stick. My husband has found it very useful.

    Even if this piece of equipment isn't what you are after. Perhaps send the maker John Green an email. I found him a very understanding gentleman, who goes out of his way to assist.

    Details found on:



    Alana - Western Australia

  • I use the Mobilaser and it has been a life changer for me. Having freezing worse than Frosty the Snowman, this has allowed me to move so much me easily it is crazy. Here is a link to me using it in a video taken by the Mayo Clinic.

  • Dear WayneP,

    Excellent to watch and for you to share.


    Alana - Western Australia

  • Thank you Sharon, my diagnosis is PSP but my doctor feels it is the slow kind. I am hoping he is wrong of course. This laser has really helped my freezing. Anything to keep moving is key.

    Bless you!


  • Dear Wayne P,

    My husband is now 59 years old and has been diagnosed with PSP also. I first noticed changes 10 years ago and John was formally diagnosed in 2008. John has found a KAYE walker particularly useful as well - he still uses it (John says he has a magnetic pull and a KAYE walker goes around the back of the boody rather than the front so it helps with posture as well.

    He is also on a lot of Parkinson's medication.

    Regards, Alana - Western Australia

  • I too am on a lot of Parkinson's meds. I feel extremely lucky at this point that I am early in this. I am 48 and I still able to get around with the walker and laser. I don't look at tomorrow just today.

  • I haven't tried one but recently wanted a transport chair. Doctor wrote a prescription and medicare paid

  • I have a u step walker..It Was $800 direct from the factory and Medicare paid 600 of that with a prescription from my MDS..i bought It to help me control my freezing Which It does somewhat as long as i dont have distractions like doorways. We are away from home at present and find It is Bulky. Heavy.and doesnt move well on carpeting..also cant see the Laser beam outside.but Im pushing forward with It anyway..anything is worth a try..

  • from my classes for pwp's at the JCC, I learned that if I look in the direction I want to go, I'm likely to go that way. I've prevented many a fall that way! But I'd like to install a laser light on my walker.

  • If you know someone handy, you can build one CHEAP. I have done it myself just for fun. Easy.

  • thanks!

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