As a Parkinson's sufferer I am thinking about buying a treadmill. As I know these can be a bit boring I'm thinking about getting one with the iFit accessory, so that I can walk routes downloaded from google maps. Whilst that won't be exactly the same as doing the actual walk it does mean that the treadmill will alter its inclination to match the route as I progress, which for exercise purposes should be a bit more meaningful than walking on an horizontally static treadmill.

What do the panel think about treadmills?

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  • I find the treadmill to be the next best thing to actually getting out there. Not the same, but it works. Varying the inclines etc does help keep it "not boring" It's way better than not doing anything at all

  • exercise, exercise, exercise. The three most important things in the fight against Parkinson's . Any type it is just important that you are doing something, Try mixing it with swimming, you will feel 100% better after it.

  • exercise, exercise, exercise I have a treadmill, stair stepper, and bike also a weight machine plus yoga and paliette but any exercise will do

  • Ditto.

  • I would suggest an elliptical machine instead of a treadmill. You control the speed. With a treadmill, it might be too easy to get thrown off balance. Also.... bike riding is GREAT if you can get to a high enough rpm and heart rate.

  • Keep moving,. Im thinking of a power plate...vibrations . Qi gong is the best exercise along with walking! Good luck!

  • Treadmill makes you walk evenly and not favor a side and throw your body out of alignment.

    Have been using treadmill for more than 20 years and I was diagnosed 18 years ago Climbed 177 steps to top of lighthouse couple days ago Go for it

  • Exercise dauly! Get what you want but please use it daily. Treat your exercise as a script from your doctor. I go to an aerobic class 45 minutes Mondsy-Friday. Just what the doctor ordered .

  • "Just Do It"...........It is a wonderful way to walk safely in your own home any time of day or night! Just buy the best equipment that you can.

  • I walk daily on my treadmill, uphill, down, forwards, backwards and sideways. My physio said to work up to a dripping sweat. You can program almost all of them for variety. Listen to music. I also watch TV on my ipad. Find a way to overcome the boredom. I started meds 30 months ago and have not had to increase. jonroberts say treat it as scrip and I completely agree. Exercise is as important as the meds and helps with the constipation, depression and sleep issues. Be sure to stretch after you use the treadmill and start slowly to warm-up. We live in the mountains and with two poles, I am hiking everywhere I used to, just more slowly... a lot more slowly on the downhill but I am out there. Good luck; it's a good choice.

  • I and several others find treadmills a nightmare and have been recommended to avoid them. I can run normally on roads but stumble on the treadmill after a short while.

  • Hi -----I formerly used a treadmill but found it less than favorable for my exercise regimen. I switched to a "theracycle" ---see Cleveland Clinic study. It is expensive but in my experience well worth it. If you want more info just email me.

    Good luck.


  • Diagnosed about 7 years ago, I try to exercise in various ways, partly because I enjoy it and partly because I can. Walking, cycling, church bellringing, gardening, messing about with the grandchildren, but all of them on a much reduced rate compared with, say, 10 years ago. I suspect exercise is particularly therapeutic for those with PD, but does anyone know of any formal studies into the subject?

  • many

  • Treadmill!! I have a difficult time just trying to walk. Balance. Go to exercise twice a week and it's helping, but still can't walk well..

  • For a treadmill I found placing a dense foam matt (inch or so thick) underneath helped ease the stress of my joints. Also protects carpet from stains.

  • Fighting the stiffness of PD any exercise is good. Just be careful on what you choose.Please check with your doctor to see first. I can not walk on a treadmill, I loose my balance and down I go, even holding on to the rails. I prefer an exercise bike and , since I live in Fllorida , I use a tricycle. It is hard pedaling but I do a little each day.

  • Walking my dog 2 times per day helps. Gardening, using tractor to mow 1 acre, and being outside also helps. Keeping bird feeders filled helps me to have enjoyment. I enjoy helping others to keep mind off PD. Good resource for exercising is David Zid "Delaying the Disease" and Davis Phinney, every victory counts. Find a local support group and attend a good bible believing church. We all have a purpose in our life.

  • exersize works great. i use a tredmill and that works best for me.it teaches the brain how to walk again. i also do leg exersizes like full squats with and wihout weights[very little weight] enough where you can do 12 reps,rest one min. then do it again.that is 3 sets of 12 reps.also i do leg extentions,3 sets of 12 and leg curls,and calf raises useing a 2 inch block to get a good stretch ,same reps and sets with 1 min. rest between sets......do the exersize routein 4 times a week with a day rest in between and the treadmill every day.i fast walk on the treadmill,warming up with 2 mph,for 1 min.,then i do 3 mph,then 4 mph for a min. after i complete 5 sets of 3 mph..do this routine for 30 min. if you cant do this much then start with 10 or 15 or 30 till you can do 30 min. note: when doing squats dont let your knees go foreward over your toes.and keep your feet flat on the floor about shoulder width.....this will help your balance and lessen falls.keep your back straight and hold onto something if you need to,but work to do it without holding something so you will be training for ballance as well...you will need a adjustable bench to do the leg curls and extentions. and i also sometimes use a smith machine for squats but try to not use it totally for squats as it wont train stableizer muscles for ballance. when i am done with a workout i can walk normal for a fw hours unassistedby a cane or wheeled walker. keep your legs strong and you will avoid useing a wheelchair as often.exersize buys me a few hours of mobility out of a day.. you will still have times where you will be in a parkinsons condition.but it buys you a few hours of relief a day.you will stillhave good days and bad days,but not as many bad.use your brain and concentrate,willing /telling your legs to walk..stretching is inportant as well.fight it,never surrender. good luck believe in yourself accept what you have got. it is hard but works.

  • My Uncle suffers from Parkinson's and his Fitness level was not great so his doctor recommended he get a treadmill. It has been a gradual process but thankfully by using the treadmill it has stopped him from relying on a mobility scooter.

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