I have no laces in my shoes

Hey hey did you hear the news

Joe has no laces in his shoes

Could it be that he's got the blues

or is it that he's been drinking booze?

no, no, no he just went on a PD cruise

and came back happy, fast and loose!

I think his posts got a lot of views

Now he's quirkier than Howard Hughes

and he wears no laces in his shoes!

De video version is here fresh off the crazy boat:::::

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  • dancing shoes:))))

  • If he had laces in his shoes they might tie him down!!

  • It sounds like the boy is tied down already!

  • sounds great poet...I couldn't tie my shoes before DBS..

  • great news Jash, when are you coming down here?

  • Be down in January....saw your post about Bowen work...I've been thinking about that!

  • rising from my morning pillow

    startled by a friendly Hello

    it's greetings from the rhymie fellow

    returning from the briny billow

    cares aside, mood so mellow

    Good to hear your Cheerful Bellow!

  • wish you could post the vocal version. YouTube?

  • ok you're on I'll post a link with a couple of my pieces tomorrow, after I shower!

  • Set to a sort of calypso rhythm I have 2 fairly rough cuts putting the two poems together one is a wav file the other mp3 - let me know where to send the - I'm just off out busking for charity fr a couple of hours but I'll be back by about 4.30

  • jmc9696@gmail.com which 2nd poem? I did, did I?

  • :

  • You asked for it! I apologize for any damage done to anybody's sensibilities, I was having an "OFF Day". Off my rocker that is, nobody tell my wife, PLEEAAASE!

  • Hello my friend, 2 am can't sleep want creep out in the moonlight at the beach! But that's not a good idea in this state of mind! How are you? I started a blog on blogger as Deparkiepoet, don't know how to post link yet.

  • Thanks for asking, Feeling Great

    8T CO* is what it takes

    Add 1000 calories, still lose weight?

    Learn to spurn Carbohydrates

    *Coconut Oil

  • Great I'm not the only mad old so and so out here - the poem was great the reply was excellent and I went on a cruise with my wife (while I could) thoroughly recommend it - 7 days not knowing whether the uncertain staggering about was the 'roll of the Ship' , the Alcohol or the PD and didn't really care too much either way - only downside was too many Cocktails and not enough time and the Day of Reckoning when the 'Account Fairy'delivers you the bad news - its only money and you can't take it with you - Thanks for confirming the benefit of a warped sense of Humour - yet another PD suymptom but a good one 3

  • gotta dance gotta laugh gotta tinkle on my guitar. you read any Patrick O'Brian? seems like your type of lit?

  • No I haven't heard of Patrick O'Brian - can you recommend something ? similar question back - are you a fan of Jacqu Brell because the first sentence of your reply is very similar to one of Brell's songs which was borrowed to make 'Seasons in the sun" - the original song went 'want you to laugh, want you to dance to be crazy and enjoy - maybe its coincidence

  • Have heard of Brell, but never read, much to my chargin. hahaha chagrin no total co-inkydink

  • who you calling old, Blondie?

  • Apologies we are the same age - but I an sometimes referred to by my sons as a grumpy old XXX - I' about to email the poem to music - please bear in mind this is only a rough pass which I did in 20 mins off the top of my head , including fighting with a 10 meter mic cable which seemed to think it was a python as it was wrapped round everything - if you would like me to put together a more polished version let me know as I'd really enjoy doing it - just got home from Busking for 2 hours - totally shattered and dreading the morning because I know I'm going to pay for it - but so what I enjoyed today it was fun

    5 mins and mail will be on its way

  • be careful we p-w-p-ers live in a dangerous world. a cord can become a live snake, a C chord can be a devil in and of itself, a pair of pants can become a malicious wrestler etc...

    Don't worry, be snappy! did you check out my demo of No laces? I am the king of first take productions!

    did you compliment me by telling me my writing was reminding you of Brell? thank you sir Blonde!

  • how do you pronounce XXX? is that Chinese?

  • GIT as in Official, Local,Dispenser of Grumpiness ' Irritability and Tetchiness I think my wife is trying to tell me something as she laughed when she saw it took it to the cash desk in a souvenir shop and made me buy it!!

    Haven't forgotten the calypso going to have a go over the weekend - had PC problems most of the week ,- I haven't forgotten your other poem either but that ones a bit more difficult - I'll be in touch

    its Blondir by the way a French cooker verb - although tinking of Blondie I isedd to have thing about Debbie Harry

  • Can't tie show laces Have shows with straps and Velcro so that is fairly easy to do the up and take them off.

  • Hi Poet - I haven't forgotten I owe you an improved version of no laces - had some fun with it but its nearly read - except I keep thinking of things I want to add -like maybe add some visual stuff - I will let you know when its ready to go - can I use your video in it please ?



  • Me again poet - Youtube won't let me down load your video - not even with their downloader - is it too big to email or do you have a dropbox ?

  • Tomorrow I will crack this song and get the recording and other ideas ready to go - by the weekend watch your inbox dropbox or what you like


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